You asked: Where is Trestles surf break?

It is located on the California Coast, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego at the southern tip of Orange County. Trestles is a protected wave, since it lies within the San Onofre State beach park.

How do I get to Trestles surf spot?

Exit 405 freeway at Christainitos Road at the south end of San Clemente. The trail to Trestles beach is located just off Christainitos Road across the parking areas’ freeway bridge. There are a (parking fee required) parking lot and some free street parking. The parking lot fills up fast, so arrive early on weekends.

Can you surf at Trestles?

Lower Trestles is, for many surfers, the best surf spot in the world. There are many reasons why riders pick the Californian surf break as their favorite wave. Lower Trestles means consistency, all-around fun, a classic reef/point break, perfect-peeling left and right-handers, easy paddle-outs, and endless wave faces.

Is trestles a beach break?

For surfers, Trestles Beach is one of the great spots to enjoy the activity in Orange County. This 3½-mile-long beach is made up of five separate surf breaks. With several breaks that work amazingly under different conditions, surfers barely get disappointed at Trestles.

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Can you camp on the beach at Trestles?

A 1.5-mile Nature Trail connects the campground to “Trestles Beach,” the world class surfing site. … San Onofre Surf Beach offers a world renowned and historical surf break. This area of the beach is only for “day-use” and there is no camping.

Where is churches surf spot?

Camp Pendleton – San Onofre Beach in Oceanside, California

They have surfboards, SUPs, and bodyboards for rent at their beach club. The well-known “Churches” surf spot is at the north end of the beach. Trestles Beach is at San Mateo Point just a bit farther north.

Are dogs allowed at Trestles Beach?

It has a nice wide trail going down to the beach and a nice, wide sandy area. Best of all, dogs are allowed on the beach at this spot. If you are camping, make sure to buy firewood at the ranger station. The park is also a great place to ride bikes.

How long is the trestles walk?

This 3.7 mile loop hike takes you down to the famous beach and north to south, then back via the bluff. Trestles is named for the railroad trestles that cross the San Mateo Creek.

Can you surf shorebreak?

Shore break occurs because of the shape and depths of the sea floor bottom. Waves only break in water that is 1.3 times the height of the wave. … The Ocean City Beach Patrol always advises people not to body surf or boogie board in shore break, but people do not always listen.

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What type of break is trestles?

Famous beach breaks are: Huntington Beach, and Trestles Beach, both in California, and Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. Point Break. When the conditions are perfect a point break can create a really long wave to ride as the wave wraps around a point or headland and then runs along the coastline of a bay or cove.

Are lower or upper Trestles better?

Lower Trestles has high, peeling waves, which are great for experienced surfers, while Upper Trestles usually has more mellow waves. Lower Trestles only closes for the most dangerous weather and swells. Upper Trestles is used as a winter surf spot, while Lower Trestles is usually used more in the summer.

How do you get to Old Man’s San Onofre?

To find Old Man’s and Trails, exit I-5 freeway at Basilone Road and head south. The entrance to the San Onofre State Surfing Beach (Old Man’s) is a turnout on the right before reaching the Power Plant. Continue south past the Power Plant to reach the San Onofre State Beach campground entrance (Trails).

How do I get to Carl’s Jr Trestles?

To get to Trestles, first-timers are advised to park at Old Man’s and walk north up the beach. A more direct but rather adventurous route to Trestles begins at the parking area near the Carl’s Jr. restaurant on the east side of the freeway at the Cristianitos exit.