You asked: Where can I buy a de Surf tag?

How much are Delaware surf tags?

An annual surf fishing permit allows you to drive onto the beach to fish all year long. Valid from January 1 through December 31. There is a sale cap of 17,000 annual surf fishing permits available for sale each year.

Annual Pass Fees
Delaware Registered Vehicle Out-of-state Registered Vehicle
Annual Pass $35 $70

Do I need a license to surf fish in De?

The surf fishing vehicle permit serves as the permit-holder of record’s fishing license when fishing in designated Delaware State Park surf fishing areas, as long as all rules and regulations are followed. Other anglers must have valid fishing licenses issued by the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Do you need beach tags in Delaware?

The state of Delaware owns all of the beaches. Except for the state parks, there are no beach tags. Our state income taxes pay for the upkeep and sand replenishment.

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What is a Delaware surf tag?

These permits allow anglers to drive-on surf fish Monday through Friday only from June 1 through September 3. … The off-peak permit fee for Delaware residents is $70; the fee for out-of-state residents is $140. Delaware residents 62 and older will receive a discounted rate of $60.

Are Delaware surf tags sold out?

Delaware Surf-Fishing Permits are Sold Out After Reaching Annual Cap.

How do I get a Delaware surf fishing license?

The fastest and easiest way to buy a Delaware fishing license is to purchase one online from the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife. If you prefer to buy a license in person, you can choose from a list of fishing license agents in your local area.

Can you fish in Delaware without a license?

A general fishing license is required for fishing, crabbing, or clamming in tidal and non-tidal waters throughout the State of Delaware (see Fishing License Exemptions below).

Can you keep female blue crabs in Delaware?

You may keep non-egg bearing mature female blue crabs in the state of Delaware. Her shell width must be no less than 5 inches from point to point. You know the female is mature when her abdomen is a rounded half-circle with a point instead of a sharp “V” shape.

Are Delaware beaches open for surf fishing?

Due to the Governor Carney’s new Emergency orders the Delaware State Park’s beaches are now closed to walk on and drive on users. We are not allowed to drive on and surf fish the beaches.

Do you have to pay to get on the beach in Delaware?

Is there fee to use the beach? The municipal beaches are free. Admission to Delaware State Parks with ocean beaches (Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore and Fenwick Island state parks) is $5 for Delaware residents and $10 for non-residents.

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Is Bethany Beach free?

It is very busy especially on weekends. Expect longer travel times for Rehoboth, Ocean City, and Bethany. Parking costs money, but the beach is free!

Does Bethany Beach need beach tags?

Bethany Beach is our favorite beach. Some complain that parking costs a lot, but rent a close place or bike in and you can enjoy a clean beach that is combed every night.

Can you drive on the beach in Delaware?

The only places you are allowed to drive on the beach is the state beaches in their designated spots. I know one place is the Cape Henelopen State Park. You have to purchase a special permit. You will get a license plate & decal that has to be shown every time you drive on the beach.

Where do I put a Delaware state park sticker?

Passes must be permanently affixed to the outside lower corner on the driver’s side of the windshield in order to be valid. The Department of Motor Vehicles will only allow one state park pass on the front of the windshield.

Can you surf fish on Bethany Beach?

Beach Rules

No fishing or surfing. No kites. No ball playing. No boats of any type, including inflatable vessels and kayaks.