Why do wetsuits zip up the back?

The back zip makes the opening very wide, so you can quickly get in without any wriggling or making awkward positions. Since they are easy to get into, it is much less likely to hurt yourself while putting them on (Weird arm and leg positions can cause sprains and cramps).

Are back zip wetsuits better?

In general, wetsuits that have a back zip tend to be a little roomier in the first place. This is because the back zip tends to unzip wider. You can easily wriggle it on but may need help from someone to do it up. As a comparison, front zipping wetsuits tend to be harder to put on, but easier to do up alone.

How do you know if a wetsuit is too small?

A properly fitting wetsuit should be very snug against your entire body with no bagginess or gaps. The wetsuit should feel like a second skin with little to no wrinkles across the major areas of the suit (torso, length of arms, thighs) and little to no gathers in the underarms or crotch areas.

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Can you wear a chest zip wetsuit around your waist?

Once the suit is up over your hips and at your waist, it’s time to put your arms in the suit. Chest zip wetsuits feature a soft, stretchy and wider opening zipper so entry is pretty easy but you may have to open that gasket wide and shimmy on into that chest zip wetsuit.

How tight should a wetsuit be?

A well fitting wetsuit should feel tight…

This means you shouldn’t see any creases or air pockets, or too much bunching in the arms or legs but you should still be able to move freely. Move around, stretch, swing your arms and get a feel for it.

What do you wear under a wetsuit?

Diving or fitted bicycle shorts are an excellent protection for your body in the wetsuit. Since they are pressed tightly against your skin, you won’t feel them once you put on your wetsuit, and they won’t limit your movement.

Will my new wetsuit stretch?

Wetsuits are made from a neoprene material. … Although all neoprene stretches a little, the higher the grade the neoprene, the more it will stretch. Inexpensive, standard neoprene will stretch a bit.

Should you size up in wetsuits?

In short, no. You will find that it does not make too much difference whether you are buying a winter or summer wetsuit in terms of sizing. The only difference is the thickness – a winter wetsuit will feel tighter than a summer version, but the fit should be exactly the same.

Why does my wetsuit fill up with water?

Sounds like the wetsuit may be too big. A swimmers wetsuit should fit like second skin with no bagginess anywhere in the suit. If water is getting in and filling the legs then there is too much water coming into the suit and the suit is not tight enough that water can gather in the legs.

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How do you get out of a chest zip wetsuit?

Now, let’s learn how to take a chest zip wetsuit off:

  1. Pull the neck entry out, up, and over your head;
  2. Gently peel over each shoulder from your ear;
  3. Take small steps and ease each shoulder down to get an elbow free;
  4. Roll the wetsuit down your torso and lower body towards your ankles;

How do you break in a wetsuit?

Place a plastic grocery bag around your foot before sliding it into your wetsuit. Once your foot is through the wetsuit leg, remove the bag and repeat the process with the other foot, and then each hand. The plastic bag helps the neoprene to slide easily over your skin. This trick requires a willing dive buddy.

Are zip free wetsuits good?

It may not be as big of a deal these days because wetsuits are getting so stretchy that it’s harder to tell, but we all can agree on the fact that zippers don’t stretch. That’s why you’ll find that a zip free wetsuit will be the most flexible. … Higher-end suits will have more durable zippers.

How do you wear a wetsuit for the first time?

The best way to put a wetsuit on is by putting in one foot at a time. Place your first foot inside, and carefully pull up the neoprene inch by inch. Don’t rush and try to do it in one go, as you could risk damaging the wetsuit.

What is a no zip wetsuit?

Zip free = Zipperless = Zipless

While there’s no zip, those wetsuits are said to be one of the warmest, flexible, and most waterproof suits for surfing!

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