Where is the raft in Zelda second quest?

The second is located towards the middle of the Overworld, and leads to the fifth dungeon of the Second Quest. The Raft is hidden well, since Link will have to ignore the Triforce Shard after defeating the boss, and walk through the fake north wall of that room into the rest of the dungeon to find it.

Where do you get the raft in Zelda?

The Raft is found in Island Palace, the third dungeon of the game. It is needed in order to cross the water and reach the eastern section of Hyrule.

Where is the ladder in Zelda second quest?

It can be found in the far east of Hyrule. The Stepladder is found in a side-scrolling section of the dungeon. The entrance to this area is found, from the entrance to the dungeon, two rooms up, three rooms left, then by pushing the furthest left block to reveal the staircase.

How do I get to Level 4 second quest?

Location. Level 4 is found in the Lost Hills in the second quest. Link must acquire the Power Bracelet in order to enter, as he must push the boulder situated to the farthest right up in order to reveal the hidden staircase that leads to the dungeon.

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Where is the bow in Zelda second quest?

The Bow is found in a side-scrolling area that is found, from the entrance, one room up, one room left, one room down, down the staircase and up the other side, one room right, one room down, and finally down the staircase.

How do you get the raft in Zelda Link’s Awakening?

The Raft Shop is a location in Link’s Awakening. It is a small shop which can be reached by using the Hookshot to the east of Tal Tal Heights, or by using a cave north of the Face Shrine. In the shop, Link can rent a Raft for 100 Rupees and begin the Rapids Ride.

How do you get to Level 6 2nd quest?

Level 6, in the Second Quest, is found in the Graveyard, in the central western section. To reveal the hidden entrance, Link must play the Recorder, which will cause one of the tombstones to vanish revealing a hidden staircase.

Where is the White Sword in Zelda second quest?

The Legend of Zelda

The Old Man requires that Link have at least twelve Heart Containers in his Life Gauge before he gives Link the Magical Sword. In the Second Quest, the Magical Sword is found in the northern mountains, one screen to the left of where the White Sword is found.

Where is level 6 in The Legend of Zelda?

Level 6, also known as “The Dragon”, is the sixth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. It is located near the Graveyard, thus requiring Link to successfully pass through either the Lost Woods or Death Mountain in order to reach it.

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Where is the power bracelet in Zelda second quest?

Power Bracelet

The bracelet is in E3 under the statue at the top right (at the same place as in the quest 1). To find it, it may be necessary to cross the woods lost in B7 (if you do not have the scale).

Where is the third level in Zelda?

Level 3, also known as “The Manji”, is the third dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. It has a green theme and is located in the far south of the game’s map, not far from the Lost Woods.

Where is the letter in Legend of Zelda second quest?

In the Second Quest, the cave can be found on Death Mountain, hidden beneath a rock requiring the Power Bracelet to move. If Link shows the Old Woman the Letter, she will sell him Life Potion and 2nd Potion.