Where can I launch my kayak in La Jolla?

The La Jolla Shores Boat Launch is the only public beachfront boat launch within city limits. Both private and commercial boaters can use this area to launch their vessels. The boat launch entrance is located at the west end of Avenida de la Playa, on the south end of La Jolla Shores.

Can you bring your own kayak to La Jolla Shores?

La Jolla Kayaking

Take a tour or rent a kayak to see the spectacular La Jolla Sea Caves, located near La Jolla Shores beach. You can go on a kayaking tour, rent a kayak for a few hours, or bring your own kayak. There is a small boat launch at the south end of La Jolla Shores beach.

Can I bring my own kayak to La Jolla?

Bring your kayak to the foot of Avenida de la Playa, which runs into the south end of La Jolla Shores. … If you don’t own a kayak, there are rental shops nearby that will even bring your kayak to the beach at the foot of Avenida de la Playa (see Resources). Put on a life jacket or pack it in your kayak.

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Can you launch a kayak from anywhere?

Kayaks, canoes and paddleboards do not need to use boat ramps. You can launch from just about anywhere there is permitted access. Keep your vehicle off ramps designed for trailer boats.

Where can I launch my kayak in San Diego Bay?

Beaches on this list

  • Shelter Island Shoreline Park. Shoreline Park is a small park with a beach and a boat launch on Shelter Island in San Diego. …
  • Spanish Landing Park. …
  • Grand Caribe Shoreline Park. …
  • Centennial Park. …
  • Crown Cove. …
  • Vacation Isle Park on Mission Bay. …
  • Sail Bay Beach on Mission Bay. …
  • Playa Pacifica Park on Mission Bay.

Can I kayak at La Jolla Cove?

La Jolla Kayak is a tour service that takes guests through La Jolla Cove. As you glide through the water, a tour guide will share facts and history about the area while pointing out some of the incredible animals you might see like sea lions, leopard sharks, and sometimes even dolphins.

What to wear kayaking in La Jolla?

While you’re not likely to get very wet on a kayaking-only tour, wear comfortable clothing that can get wet. I think a Lululemon tank with shorts would do, too, if you’re not keen on wearing a bathing suit. A bathing suit and coverup work well, too. I am most comfortable in shorts or short athletic leggings.

How long is the La Jolla kayak Tour?


When: Everyday
Duration: 90 Minutes
Start Times: Throughout the Day
Meeting Place: Everyday California Shop
Price: Best Price Guaranteed!
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Are there leopard sharks in La Jolla now?

Leopard sharks are back off the coast of La Jolla—and they’re here in big numbers. The sharks are considered to be harmless to humans and love this spot because of the warm and calm water. Fun fact: it is actually the SAME sharks coming back year after year!

Can you kayak into La Jolla Sea Caves?

Our fully guided kayak tour takes you through the Ecological Reserve and along the La Jolla Sea Caves—some of San Diego’s most famous attractions. The La Jolla Ecological Reserve and Underwater Park is a marine protected area that’s a famous destination for snorkelers, divers, and kayakers to respectfully explore.

How much is a launch permit in PA?

Other Boating Prices

​Other Boating Time Frame​ ​Resident Price
​Launch Permit ​1 Year ​$10.00 to $12.00
​Launch Permit ​2 Year ​$18.00 to $22.00
​Launch Permit ​Seven Day ​$5.00 to $7.00
​Boat Winter Storage ​Per Season ​$130.00 to $500.00

Where can I launch my kayak?

Alternatively, the wrong place might leave you wet. There are three common places where you can launch and land your kayak: the beach, a dock or an uneven shoreline. Before you plop yourself (or try to) into your kayak, set your kayak down in a safe place first and do a pre-launch check.

Can you launch kayak from beach?

Launching from Shore

Carry the boat to your put-in point and set it down in shallow water, perpendicular to the shoreline. (If you’re launching into a river or have a very long kayak, then a parallel launch might work better.)

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Do I need a license to kayak in San Diego?

The quick answer is no. Vessels propelled solely by oars or paddles do not have to be registered in California.

What lakes can you kayak in San Diego?

Known as one of the most scenic places to go canoeing and kayaking in San Diego, Lake Hodges is a great place for a relaxing paddle surrounded by beautiful landscapes. If you have your own boat, you can launch your kayak at any of the boat launches near Lake Hodges Reservoir.

Can I kayak in San Diego Bay?

While you can kayak virtually any place along the San Diego coast, La Jolla Shores beach is among the most popular. … Most of the guided tour operations are centered here, and many local kayakers launch from La Jolla Shores for touring, fishing and diving excursion.