What is the bow of a kayak?

Bow: Simply put, the bow is the front of the canoe. This is universal for all boats. So, whether you sit in a motorboat, kayak, and every other type of canoe, the word “bow” means the front.

Where is the bow on a kayak?

The bow of the canoe is the front, and can easily be determined, by noticing the seats. The bow seat, has much more space between the front of the canoe and the seat. Whereas the stern seat is located much closer to the back of the boat.

What are the basic parts of a kayak?

Basic Kayak Parts Explained

  • Bow: The front end of the kayak, opposite the stern.
  • Cockpit: The large opening or area where the paddler is seated.
  • Deck: The top of the kayak. …
  • Hatch: Typically refers to gear-storage compartments below the kayak’s deck used to stow cargo.

What are the sides of a kayak called?

Boat Directions for Kayakers

Bow: Front of the kayak. Stern: Back of the kayak. Port: Left side of the kayak. Starboard: Right side of the kayak.

What are the grooves on the bottom of a kayak called?

The ‘scupper’ holes

All SOT kayaks feature vertical holes connecting their deck to the water below. Kayak manufacturers call them ‘Scupper Holes’ and claim they were introduced into the SOT design as means to drain water from the kayak’s deck, similarly to what scuppers do in normal boats.

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What are the ropes on a kayak for?

Some of the uses of ropes for canoeing and kayaking are: To rescue a fellow paddler by tossing a rope to them. In fact, you can purchase a rope designed just for rescue purposes. It comes in a throw bag and to use it properly hang on to the loop end of the rope and toss the bag, with the rope in, to person in need.

What do the numbers on kayaks mean?


The next digit is a letter that represents the month of the year your boat was molded. The letter A represents January, B would represent February and so on. The next digit is the year the kayak was built, and the last two numbers will be the model year of the kayak.

What is the hatch for in a kayak?

A kayak hatch is an enclosed area within the hull for storing various types of kayaking gear. … To put it even more simply, a kayak hatch is a hole in the top of the deck of your kayak. Once sealed properly, it allows you to keep sensitive gear from being exposed to potentially damaging elements while you are kayaking.

What are the features of kayak?

The traditional kayak has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler. The cockpit is sometimes covered by a spray deck that prevents the entry of water from waves or spray, differentiating the craft from a canoe.

What is kayak Chine?

Chine: The line where the boat’s bottom and sides join is called the chine. Described as either hard or soft, chines define the shape of the hull as either boxy or rounded.

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What is a kayak keel?

Keel: Keels are found on the bottom of the hull of your kayak. … The purpose of the keel is to help the kayak go forward and keep it from turning side to side. A kayak with a defined keel will be faster and track better than a kayak without a large or defined keel.