What is the back of a canoe called?

Stern: The stern of the canoe is the back of the boat. Same as with the term “bow,” the stern is the universal term for the rear of any boat.

What are the parts of a canoe called?

The basic parts of a canoe include the bow, stern, hull, keel, deck, gunwales, thwarts, yoke, and if equipped, the seats.

What is a canoe yoke?

Yoke: The yoke of a canoe is the cross beam in the center of the canoe that connects the starboard and aft sides. It usually has a curved indentation in the center of it that ergonomically fits over the neck of a canoeist. The yoke then rests on the shoulders of the canoeist when carrying the canoe upside down.

What is the hull of a canoe?

Hull (Side Profile)

Refers to the form of the side of the canoe looking at it from one end. Canoe sides can be straight, flared, (wider from waterline to gunwale) or tumble-home (narrower at gunwale than at waterline).

What are the parts of a canoe paddle?

Parts of a Canoe Paddle

  • Grip. The canoe paddle grip is what is considered to be the “top” of the canoe paddle. …
  • Shaft. The shaft is located directly below the grip, and will extend all the way down the paddle until the shaft transitions into the throat. …
  • Throat. …
  • Shoulder. …
  • Blade. …
  • Tip. …
  • Wood Paddle. …
  • Fiberglass/Carbon Paddle.
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What are seats in a canoe called?

Canoe Seats

are usually where you prefer to sit! The bow seat is wider and is fastened to the gunwales furthest from one of the flotation tanks. The stern seat is narrowest and is fastened to the gunwales closest to the other flotation tank.

What is a Hawaiian canoe called?

Kai ‘Opua – Our Canoes

The outrigger canoe (Hawaiian: wa’a; Filipino and Indonesian: bangka; Maori: waka ama; Tahitian and Samoan:va’a) is a type of canoe featuring one or more lateral support floats known as outriggers, which are fastened to one or both sides of the main hull.

What is Tumblehome on a canoe?

Tumblehome is when the gunnel width is less than the overall width of the canoe. You can see that by looking down the side, and see that the widest point is just below the gunnel, and it actually tucks in towards the gunnel, towards the top.

What are the gunwales on a canoe?

Gunwales (pronounced “gunnels”, sometimes referred to as “rails”) are the part of the canoe that run along the top edge of the hull. Canoe manufacturers often offer gunwales in different materials, each with different advantages and disadvantages.

What is the left side of the canoe called?

PORT. The left side of the canoe when facing the bow.

What are the ends of a canoe called?

Stern: The rear end of the canoe. Thwarts: Crossbars toward the bow and stern of the canoe.

Is there a front of a canoe?

The bow of the canoe is the front, and can easily be determined, by noticing the seats. The bow seat, has much more space between the front of the canoe and the seat. Whereas the stern seat is located much closer to the back of the boat.

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What is the hull of a boat?

The body of a boat is called its hull. At the upper edges of the boat’s hull are the gunwales. The gunwales provide extra rigidity for the hull. The cross-section of the stern, where you attach an outboard motor, is called the transom.

Do canoes have keels?

A canoe’s keel line is the profile of the hull bottom running from stem to stem, best seen by standing back and viewing the canoe from the side. The keel line can range from straight or level to highly arched or rockered (think of the runner on bottom of a rocking chair).

What is the front of a boat called?

Bow: The front of a boat is called the bow. Cleats: The metal fittings that secure ropes to the vessel are called cleats. Gunwales: The upper edges of the boat’s hull that provide extra rigidity for the hull are called the gunwales. Hull: The body of the boat is called the hull.