What is a dive line?

A distance line, penetration line, cave line or guide line is an item of diving equipment used by scuba divers as a means of returning to a safe starting point in conditions of low visibility, water currents or where pilotage is difficult. … Guide lines are also useful in the event of silt out.

What are dive reels used for?

Reels are essential tools for divers. They can be used to keep you in contact with surface support, guide you back to a known starting point, or to position you during search and retrieve operations. A common mistake is trying to use one type for all diving applications.

How long is a shot of line?

a shot is the distance between connecting links on an anchor chain, each shot is 15 fathoms or 90 ft. so 11th shot would be 990 feet of chain extended.

What is a dive marker?

Also known as diving marker buoys, these safety flotation devices make scuba diving safer as they let people on the surface see the general location of divers from afar. … These floatation devices are often connected to a diver by a reel to ensure that the diver is directly below the SMB.

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What is a shot line?

Definition of shot line

: a light line attached to a projectile and used with a Lyle or other line-throwing gun (as to pass a cable to a wrecked vessel)

What is scuba line made of?

Most reel line is made of a durable, braided nylon. Line comes in four sizes; #24, #26, #48, 1/8-inch. The various line sizes used depend on the reel’s size and the application. #24 is the smallest line available and is used during cave dives when line length is more important than strength.

What does give me 3 shots mean in yachting?

A shot is 90 ft. So 3 shots is 270 ft.

What does 2 shots mean when dropping an anchor?

A shot of anchor chain is measured either in fathoms or feet. Each shot is 15 fathoms or 90 feet long, which for all you mathematical types equals six feet per fathom. … After 90 feet of chain it is followed by a white detachable link with two white links on both sides; this identifies the 2nd shot.

Why is a shot 90 feet?

A unit of length used for anchor chain on ships, = 15 fathoms = 90 feet. Anchor chains for ships are made up of 15-fathom lengths of chain joined by detachable links. The joins are distinctively marked so that a ship’s officer can estimate at a glance how much chain is out.

What does diving marker look like?

Permanent surface markers are typically red and white to stand out against the water and to match the diver-down flag color. The marker can be round or torpedo-shaped, often with a ballast section that can hold some water to maintain stability.

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What is a SMB in scuba?

An SMB or Surface Marker Buoy is a simple device that floats on the surface to mark a location. ‘SMB’ often refers to both permanent buoys and delayed buoys but they are made to mark a location in the water or communicate with the surface.

What is a DSMB in diving?

Home / Education / Courses / Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB) Diver. Many divers wouldn’t think of diving without carrying a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB, and in some locations it’s considered required safety equipment.

What is a dive shot in handball?

Dive shot − It is a way of putting the shot, in order to score a goal, by jumping above the floor towards the goal. It is done without touching the d-line. Goal − A goal is scored by throwing the ball into the goal post and is confirmed by deciding that if the ball has hit the tape mark or not.

What are shots on a boat?

“A shot, one of the forged lengths of chain joined by shackles to form an anchor cable, was usually 15 fathoms long (90 feet (27.4 m)).” A fan also asked when Rosbach calls shots on the boat.

What are the types of badminton shots?

There are five different types of badminton shots or strokes: Serves, clears, smashes, drives and drops. Each of the five different shots used in different situations throughout the game.