What does sail through mean?

: to move or proceed through in an easy, quick, and smooth way The ball sailed through the open window. The bill sailed through the legislature with only token opposition. She sailed through the exam/course.

What is the meaning of sail out?

Letting out or “easing” the sail means you are letting off the tension on the line that is holding the sail towards the centerline of the boat and letting sail move further out and away from where it currently is. This also shallows the angle between the sail and the wind.

Is it sail through or scale through?

sail vs scale

When there is a challenge you can successfully tackle with little or no effort, you sail through it and not scale through it. Examples of such activities are a test/ examination and a competition.

How do you sail through difficult times?

Aanchal Bhatnagar, Counselling Psychologist at ePsyClinic tells us 11 things to do during difficult times, to help us sail through them with minimal damage.

  1. Let it sink in. …
  2. Accept that you’re only human! …
  3. Put your phone away. …
  4. Sleep on it. …
  5. Don’t ignore your body. …
  6. Take a vacation. …
  7. Focus on the small tasks.
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What does scale through mean?

(sail through something) to do something, or to deal with something, very easily. She sailed through the first interview. When you have a little more trouble you use scale through. He thought the challenge was hard, but he finally scaled the hurdle. See a translation.

What does pull through mean?

Definition of pull through

intransitive verb. : to survive a dangerous or difficult situation. transitive verb. : to help survive a dangerous or difficult situation.

What kind of verb is sailed?

[intransitive] + adv./prep. to move quickly and smoothly in a particular direction; (of people) to move in a confident manner clouds sailing across the sky The ball sailed over the goalie’s head.

What is the noun of sail?

/seɪl/ Idioms. [countable, uncountable] a sheet of strong cloth which the wind blows against to make a boat or ship travel through the water. As the boat moved down the river the wind began to fill the sails. under sail a ship under sail (= using sails)

What do sailors say when they set sail?

The phrases and nautical terms that they used were short and sweet, some of the examples are: “Aye Aye Captain!” – a sign of approval. “Ahoy!” – sailors would use this exclamation among themselves to call out to each other. “Land Ho!” – an exclamation that a sailor would make when they spotted the land.