Should I bring my own snorkel gear on a cruise?

Can you bring your own snorkel gear to Castaway Cay?

When visiting Disney’s amazing private island, Castaway Cay, guests are more than welcome to bring their own personal snorkel gear. … There’s no charge to snorkel with your personal equipment, but all snorkelers will be required to wear a life vest in the lagoon.

Do snorkeling tours provide gear?

Most, if not all, Hawaii snorkel tour companies provide complimentary use of snorkel gear. In our experience, the equipment quality on snorkel tours has been very good. Most even offer masks with prescription lens.

Can you bring your own snorkel gear to CocoCay?

Yes. You’re welcome to bring your own snorkel, mask, vest and flippers to CocoCay. If you prefer, you can also hire snorkel gear on the island.

What to bring when Travelling to snorkeling?

Ten Things to Take on Your Snorkeling Adventure

  • Mask. Taking the time to find a mask that fits your face well is critical. …
  • Mask defogger. Goggle defogger can help prevent your mask from fogging up. …
  • Snorkel. …
  • Swim cap or bandana. …
  • Float Vest. …
  • Wetsuit. …
  • Rash guard. …
  • Biodegradable sunscreen.
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Is snorkeling free at Castaway Cay?

The Snorkeling Lagoon at Disney’s Castaway Cay is easily at the top of my must do list when visiting the island. … The best part of the snorkeling lagoon is that it is free if you bring your own snorkeling gear. The only thing you will need is a mandatory snorkel vest which are free to borrow.

Can you bring your own snorkel gear on Disney Cruise?

Guests are welcome to bring their own gear, yes, or they can rent snorkel gear on the island. Either way, all guests in the Snorkel Lagoon must wear a bright yellow life vest as they snorkel. If you have your own gear, just swing by Flippers and Floats where the snorkel gear is rented, and ask to borrow a vest.

Is it worth buying snorkel gear?

Never rent or buy low-quality snorkel gear. A set of highly qualified snorkeling gear is a smart investment in a long term. Soft silicone and flexible fins, meaning comfort and fit, will provide you with a better snorkeling experience.

How much does snorkel gear cost?

1. How Much Does it Cost to Buy Snorkel Gear?

Snorkel Gear Type Average Cost
Basic Snorkel Mask $20-40
Intermediate Snorkel Mask $40-110
Advanced Snorkel Mask $110-200
Snorkel Tube $20-70

Do you have to take lessons to snorkel?

Unlike scuba diving, you don’t need any special certification or training to snorkel. That doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from snorkeling lessons, but they aren’t a requirement. Here are two things to keep in mind regarding snorkeling lessons: Why are you taking them?

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Is CocoCay worth the money?

Our Final Take: Is It Worth It? If you booked a Royal Caribbean cruise, the Perfect Day at Cococay is hard to beat. It’s got everything from pristine beaches to friendly staff, major waterpark thrills for both kids and adults, and enough drinks and food to go around!

Can you stay at CocoCay?

At this time we do not have overnight stays at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Guests seeking to experience more of Perfect Day at CocoCay can consider our Two Stops at Perfect Day sailings for twice the thrill and chill in one short getaway.

Can you snorkel with a life vest?

It is absolutely fine to wear a life jacket while snorkeling. Some commercial snorkeling shops require you to use some form of personal flotation device or buoyancy aid. These can be full life jackets or inflatable on demand styles.

What should you not wear while snorkeling?

Women may wish to avoid wearing a string bikini when snorkeling because the ties can get caught on things in the water and easily come undone. Any kind of swimsuit with a skirt is not well-suited to snorkeling since the fabric can float up and obstruct your view of marine life below.

What are the 7 basic equipment in snorkeling?

General Snorkeling Accessories Options

  • Mesh carrying bag – Self draining, backpack style. …
  • Wetsuit or sport skin – provides protection from sun, coral scrapes, and jelly fish stings.
  • Snorkel Vest – Jacket or horse collar styles. …
  • Extra mask and fin strap – just in case.
  • Mask Seal – moustache seal.
  • Hair Guard.
  • Snorkel Keeper.
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Do you need flippers to snorkel?

You need fins for snorkeling because they allow you to swim efficiently without over-exerting yourself. They give you the power to overcome currents and waves, and the control to navigate around coral and wildlife. In some cases, fins will also give you a bit of extra buoyancy.