How much do WSL surfers make?

How much does a WSL surfer make?

It is estimated that surfers on world tours make between $250,000 to $400,000 a year. However, pro surfers also have to shell out hefty expenses to travel and compete around the world. They also cover the cost of equipment, entrance fees, and dues.

Who is the highest paid surfer?

Who is the Highest Paid Surfer? Gabriel Medina is the highest-paid surfer in the world based off of surf sponsorships, earning over $2.2 million dollars per year from major sponsors like Rip Curl, Corona, Audi, Ralph Lauren and more.

How much does the WSL winner make?

Championship tours. Event winners win a total of $100.000. Total prize pool per event in men’s competition is $607.800 and for women’s only $420.800, as there are fewer competition spots available to the women.

How much does the average surfer make?

If this is the case, get your calculator as a pro surfer takes in between $250,000 to $400,000 annually. These earnings come from sponsorships, their own merchandise, social media income, and of course, surfing prize money. But wait!

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Do pro surfers have agents?

In many ways, the fact that surfers have agents is not surprising—they are professional athletes, after all—but the agents provide a window into a bigger story about how the surf industry grew so rapidly as to outpace itself: Many companies are still loathe to work with surfers who have agents.

Who owns WSL?

Two Brazilians, Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira, are favorites to take home the gold medal in the men’s competition. But if everything goes right for billionaire Dirk Ziff’s World Surf League, Medina and Ferreira won’t be the only winners.

What is Jamie O’Brien salary?

Jamie O’Brien (surfer)

Jamie O’Brien
Personal information
Years active 2001–present
Career earnings $122,400
Sponsors Buell wetsuits, Red Bull, GoPro, Tokoro, Catch Surf, Nectar, Tools, Vestal, Cariuma, Blenders Eyewear, GMC Honolulu

Does Kelly Slater own the WSL?

The project was a success and the surfing world was abuzz with the possibilities, mostly due to the wave’s perfect shape and speed. In 2016 the World Surf League (WSL) acquired a majority stake in the Kelly Slater Wave Company (KSWC) for an undisclosed sum.

Who is Mick Fanning’s wife?

Personal life. Fanning was married for eight years to entrepreneur Karissa Dalton. On 31 January 2016, he announced that they were divorcing.

How much money does Kai Lenny make?

While Stab doesn’t list where the reported figures come from, they claim that Lenny earned $1,068,000 in 2018, mostly through endorsements from Hurley, Nike, Red Bull, Tag Heuer, GoPro and Vertra.

How many surfers are there in WSL?

Only 32 surfers compete across the 11 events. At the end of the year, the 10 bottom-ranked surfers are relegated and the top 10 surfers from the World Qualifying Series (WQS) make the jump up to take their place.

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How do you get paid for Web surfing?

Here are 13 legit ways to get paid to surf the web!

  1. Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a popular site where you can earn points called SB for performing basic tasks like playing games, taking surveys, or watching videos. …
  2. Microsoft Rewards. …
  3. Nielson Computer & Mobile Panel. …
  4. InboxDollars. …
  5. Qmee. …
  6. Survey Junkie. …
  7. Lionbridge. …
  8. Appen.

How many pro surfers are there in the world?

There are an estimated 1500 to 2000 professional surfers in the world, but only 34 men and 17 women are invited to compete in the World Championship Tour (WCT) each year, made up from a mixture of seasoned pros, new talent and wildcard entries.