How many Surf Life Saving clubs are there in Australia?

With 181,603 members and 315 affiliated Surf Life Saving clubs, Surf Life Saving Australia represents the largest volunteer movement of its kind in the world.

How many surf lifesaving clubs are there in NSW?

With 129 clubs across NSW there are plenty of opportunities to become involved as a lifesaver on the beach, a valued member working behind the scenes to keep your club functioning or as a valued supporter.

How many Surf Life Saving clubs are there in Qld?

SLSQ has 57 established surf lifesaving clubs with members patrolling 8,000 kilometres of the Queensland coastline from Port Douglas to Rainbow Bay. More than 34,000 Queenslanders are volunteer members of a surf lifesaving club and more than 462,000 are a member of an affiliated supporters club.

How many Surf Life Saving clubs are there in South Australia?

For over sixty years Surf Life Saving South Australia has patrolled the beaches of the state. Growth of membership and public participation has been exponential to address issues as they have arisen. There are now nineteen clubs and nine thousand members to keep those South Australian beaches safe.

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What is the oldest surf life saving club in Australia?

The Bondi Surf Bathers’ Life Saving Club is officially recognised by SLSA as the oldest surf lifesaving club in the world. It is an Australian icon and holds an indelible position in Australian history – see National Museum Display.

How many Surf Life Saving clubs are there in Victoria?

Life Saving Victoria has 57 Life Saving Clubs spanning the Victorian coastline and inland waterways. Every club has their own unique offer, helping you to get the most out of your time as a volunteer.

Why do we have surf lifesavers in Australia?

Surf lifesaving originated in Australia in 1907 in response to drownings at local beaches in Sydney. Such groups became necessary following the relaxing of laws prohibiting daylight bathing on Australian beaches. … As this study has shown, the first group of organised lifesavers formed on Manly Beach in 1899.

How many surf clubs are on the Sunshine Coast?

The Sunshine Coast Branch of Surf Lifesaving Queensland is the largest branch in Queensland and was established in 1930, consisting of 14 affiliated Surf Life Saving clubs, servicing 15 patrolled beaches.

Are Qld surf lifesavers paid?

Lifeguards are paid professionals who patrol beaches all year round. They both have the same aim: zero preventable deaths in Queensland waters. Every patrol they will assess the surf conditions before raising the red and yellow flags in a safe swimming area for members of the general public.

How many members does Surf Life Saving?

Membership. As of 30 June 2020, Surf Life Saving has a membership base of 181,603. Nationally there are 72,689 junior members, or Nippers as they are more commonly known.

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Who started Surf Life Saving in Australia?

The origins of Surf Life Saving New South Wales, and indeed Australia, can be traced back to the actions of Mr William Gocher at Manly Beach in September 1902, defying the law of the time by bathing during the prohibited hours. As surf bathing grew in popularity, its dangers just as rapidly became apparent.

When did nippers start in Australia?

Nippers. Nippers are junior surf lifesavers aged between 7 and 14. They learn about surf awareness and safety, and compete in swimming and beach events. Surf lifesaving clubs began Nipper programs for boys and girls in the 1920s and 30s.

Was the first surf lifesaving club founded in Hobart?

Australia’s first volunteer Surf Life Saving clubs emerged in 1907 on Sydney’s ocean beaches. … Surf Life Saving in Tasmania has, since the time of its inception in 1921 forged a very important place in the history of Tasmania and has become an integral part of this great Australian organisation.

How many beaches are in Australia?

Australia has almost 12,000 beaches along it’s 60,000-kilometre (37,282-mile) coastline. If you visited one beach per day, it would take you more than 32 years to see them all. Thousands of people soak up Sydney’s beaches every year, but there’s more to explore than the big name beaches of Manly and Bondi.

What are nippers Australia?

Nippers is a beach education program that introduces children aged 5 to 14 years to lifesaving. Nipper Education Programs are delivered at Life Saving Clubs across Victoria throughout summer.

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