How do you travel with a wetsuit?

Step 1: Lay the suit on its stomach and cross the arms over the back. Step 2: Bring the legs over the back so the ankles rest on the shoulders. Step 3: Fold the entire suit in half so the waist meets the shoulders. Step 4: Slide the suit into a bag so it stays properly stowed in transit.

How do you pack a wetsuit for travel?


  1. Lie the suit flat on the front side.
  2. Fold legs back at the knees.
  3. Fold arms in, over the back.
  4. Fold the whole top half of the body back over the bottom half. This size and shape makes it easy to slide into a bag or lay into a suitcase or cargo bag.
  5. As soon as possible, hang the suit back up on a hanger.

Can you bring a wetsuit on a plane?

You’re good to go right ahead and slide that neatly folded wetsuit either into a bag or lay it out flat inside your suitcase or carry-on luggage, depending upon how “light” you travel. OK, fast track.

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How do you travel with a wet wetsuit?

Contributor. I take a garbage bag or 2 with me and a few smaller plastic bags. They compress to virtually nothing in your luggage and keep the rest of your clothes dry. Try to rinse the gear with fresh water before returning and a day extra to dry isnt a major problem.

Do you wear your wetsuit in the car?

Take Care of your Equipment

So you’ve invested in the best wetsuit and accessories available so don’t leave it in the trunk of the car or in the bottom of the bathtub. Immediately after surfing rinse it thoroughly with cool, fresh water then hang it inside-out in a place where it will get lots of air.

Should wetsuit get water in?

The myth is this: Wetsuits keep you warm by trapping a thin layer of water between your skin and the suit. This is incorrect. … (Note that water can’t pass through neoprene; suits fill with water through the neck, leg, and arm openings, or through leaky seams or punctures.)

How do you store a wetsuit over winter?

If you’re storing your summer wetsuit away for the winter (or vice versa), then once it is rinsed and thoroughly dry, don’t fold it up and stuff it in a drawer. If possible, hang it in half as advised on a wide hanger or railing inside.

How do you store a wetsuit for swimming?

The best way to store a wetsuit is to hang it at the waist, to avoid tension in the most sensitive areas (shoulders and arms). 1. In wetsuits with a high elasticity (e.g. Orca Alpha, Orca Predator), it is very important not to use a hanger to hang the wetsuit from the shoulders.

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How do you use a wetsuit shampoo?

How to Clean a Wetsuit

  1. Get a wetsuit cleaner and a tub of cool water; then stir in the cleaner.
  2. Open all the wetsuit zippers, turn it inside out and submerge it.
  3. Knead the cleaner into the suit and let it sit for a while.
  4. Thoroughly rinse it with cool water and hang it up to dry.

How do you attach a wetsuit to a car?

Take a plastic hanger, slide the top or bottom of the suit through, and hang it doubled-up, inside-out in the shower or the garage. Or somewhere in the shade if you absolutely must hang it outside. 3) Turn the suit inside out each day until it’s dry.

How do you dry a wetsuit in a car?

How do you dry a wetsuit in a car? Place a cord between the handles on the inside of your car and hang your wetsuit over that at the waistline. Put a bucket underneath it, and it will start to dry. However, be careful not to get direct UV rays or sunlight on your wetsuit, as this will damage it.

Can you drive home in a wetsuit?

Driving in your wetsuit is fine for journeys of ten minutes and under. If said journey is being taken after having failed to make it out the back at the main beach and running for shelter in a cove, the driver’s head should be hung a couple notches lower in shame.

Why do divers pee in their wetsuits?

We explain why. When you pee in wetsuits you reverse the vasoconstriction that your body has made to keep the blood warm in the center of the body. The capillaries in the skin dilate again, but you and I know that this warm liquid is going to cool down, don’t you?

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Can you wear a wetsuit over a wetsuit?

If you are partaking in activities that do not require you to be directly in the water, such as kayaking or frolicking on the beach, then yes, it is appropriate to wear something over your wetsuit for extra clothing. … Wearing clothes over your wetsuit will defeat the whole intent and purpose of the wetsuit.