Frequent question: Where can I buy raft battery charger parts?

Where can I find raft battery charger parts?

The first Battery Charger Part is found on the dock of Caravan Island, near a yellow container labelled “Port Office”. A third Battery Charger Part is found on the top most part of the adjacent mountain top, the one before the blue watch tower – next to a Loot Box.

How do you make a raft charger?

To get the blueprint for the battery charger you need to complete all the quest and collect all notes in Caravan town and Tangora Island. Once the battery charger is showing on your research table, you will need a few items to research it. After that it will be available to craft anytime you want.

Is there a way to charge the battery in raft?

Depleted batteries can be used to craft Head Lights and Metal Detectors. The Battery can be recharged in a Battery Charger.

Where is the infirmary in raft?

Summary. The Infirmary Key can be found at the bottom of the ocean in a chest.

How do you zipline a raft?

Summary. The Blueprint: Zipline Tool is acquired by finding all three Zipline Parts spread out around Caravan Island. Once applying the three parts on the crafting table inside the room atop the central tower on the island, both the Zipline Tool and Blueprint is awarded.

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Where can I find titanium in a raft?

The most obvious place you can find titanium is on Tangaroa Island. Titanium ore can be found inside briefcase-like crates inside the local buildings on the island. It’s not too complicated to find these crates, as they spawn randomly in different levels and in different buildings on the Tangaroa.

Where are the zipline parts in the raft?

Summary. The first Zipline Part is found floating in a well, up the mountain from the docks. In order to get to the part, the player must align a number of hoses and funnels in order to pump water into the well, thereby increasing the water level.

How do I get blueprints in raft?

Throughout the game, the player will need to find and learn Blueprints in order to progress in the Story. Blueprints are typically discovered as part of exploring Story islands, and are strategically placed before the players need them.

Where is the raft radio tower?

To change the numbers you will have to press the up or down button and the change, the position of the numbers interacts with the side lever. Once the code is set, you will find a blue icon on the receiver screen. Sail your way towards the blue marker and you will find the radio tower.

What do I do with the infirmary key in the raft?

Infirmary Key – key used to unlock the infirmary wagon. Mayor’s Chest Key – used to unlock the Mayor’s Chest. Zipline Parts – three used to acquire the Zipline Tool and Ziplines for the raft.

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What is in raft Chapter 2?

Once again, we are adding 2 new destinations to Raft; Caravan Town with a desert biome and the abandoned city of Tangaroa. Beside these, there are also new smaller islands coming in the style of Caravan Town. Habitating Caravan Town, these piggies are quite fast and dangerous! Watch out!

Where is the mayor chest key raft?

The Mayor’s Chest Key can be found inside the infirmary on the table. The infirmary is located on the island with Mudhogs. To enter the infirmary, a key is needed. The key can be used to open the chest inside the Mayor’s office, which is accessed by zipline.