Can you surf in robe?

The conditions around Robe are suitable for surfers of all levels, even beginners, although you must take care to avoid the windsurfers who frequent the area. The water around Robe can also be a little colder in contrast to the other surfing regions of Adelaide.

Where can I surf with a robe?

West Beach (129) lies 1 km west of Robe and is the closest exposed surfing beach to Robe. There is a car park off Adam Gordon Lindsay Drive, with a 150 m walk down to the northern end of the beach. Waves average 1.5 m at the northern end decreasing slightly in lee of Cape Lannes toward the southern end.

Can you swim in Robe SA?

Adelaide, Australia

Robe gives the visitor the choice of an invigorating walk along the westerly facing ‘West Beach’ fully open to the Great Australian Bight or the sheltered Guichen Bay with a 14km arc of sandy beach suitable for sailing, swimming and surfing stretching round to Boatswain Point.

Can you surf at Beachport?

Beachport Surf Guide

Beachport on the East Coast is an exposed beach and reef break that has quite reliable surf and can work at any time of the year. Offshore winds are from the north. Groundswells are more common than windswells and the ideal swell direction is from the southwest.

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Can you surf in the military?

“It’s a mile and half hike in for most people, but the military can just park and surf.”

Can you swim in robe?

It has lovely white sand and gentle tides for all to swim making it near to your perfect piece of sand anywhere in Australia. It is ideal for walking, swimming, making sand castles or just sitting and watching the scenery with plenty of space for your own spot.

Is it safe to surf in South Australia?

The waters of the Southern Ocean are cold, so bring a full-length wetsuit and keep your eyes peeled for hidden rocks and sharks. Four of the best-known spots are Fowlers Bay, Cactus Beach, Venus Bay and Blackfellows Beach near Elliston. … Venus Bay is an exposed reef break that can be surfed in all conditions.

Are there sharks at robe?

comment, Police are issuing a warning to all beachgoers in the Robe and Kingston areas to be careful in the water, after reports that sharks have been seen in the area due to a whale carcass floating in the sea at the end of Wrights Bay Rd. Sharks have been seen in areas including Long Beach and Stony’s Point.

Is robe worth visiting?

Drive down 17 kilometres of pure white sand on the aptly named Long Beach or embark on the beautiful Obelisk trail passing the town’s Old Gaol, jetty, marina and Factory Bay. Robe Town Beach is a must-visit all year-round with crystal clear water, pure white sand, great walking tracks and incredible scenery.

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Can you swim at Beachport?

Great place for a family day out, windsurfing, kite surfing, boogeyboarding, surfing or just swimming.

Can you surf in the Coast Guard?

While the Coast Guard is perhaps more surfer-friendly than other factions of the armed forces, it still is a military organization – boot camp, hair and facial regulations, the real deal.

Can you surf in the Navy?

surfing in the navy

If you are assigned to a ship, you will probably be able to take one surfboard with you. Once you get to your assignment you will be able to talk to people in charge of little cubby hole areas aboard ship where you can stuff a lightwieght item like that.

How do I get to church trestles?

To get to Trestles, you will have to walk about a mile from the parking lot down a winding paved trail. The path and the beach are posted with no dogs, so you will have to leave your four-legged friend home on this trek.