Can you snorkel at Lovers Beach?

LOVERS BEACH TOUR. Take a fun trip in a glass bottom boat to the fabled Lovers Beach in Cabo San Lucas. … While on the beach, you can enjoy snorkeling, sunbathing and relaxing.

Where is the best snorkeling in Cabo?

Top 5 snorkeling spots in Cabo

  1. Pelican Rock and Lover’s Beach. Located near The Arch of Cabo San Lucas, this is a busy region with water taxis coming and going throughout the day. …
  2. Playa Santa Maria. This beautiful beach has three outhouses near the parking lot. …
  3. Playa Chileno. …
  4. Hilton Cove. …
  5. Cabo Pulmo.

Can you walk to Lovers Beach Cabo?

No you can not. You must travel there by boat. There is no other way to reach it. It is actually located close to the Arch, not at the arch, but near it.

How long is the boat ride to Lovers Beach?

The trip lasts about 45 minutes from the Marina and back.

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How much is a water taxi to Lovers Beach Cabo?

For only $10 roundtrip per person Baja Water Sports will take you by a few points of interest such as Pelican Beach, the window to the Pacific, Neptune’s finger, Lovers beach, the Arch, the southern most point of the Baja Peninsula and Divorce beach.

Is snorkeling in Cabo good?

While the Pacific-facing waters at Land’s End are too rough for swimming, the bay side can offer excellent snorkeling and diving when conditions are good. Pelican Rock is a great snorkel spot in the protected Cabo San Lucas Marine Preserve.

Are the beaches in Cabo swimmable?

But can you swim in Cabo? Yes, but only in certain beaches designated for swimming. … Many beaches are closed to swimmers because they aren’t safe—steep ocean floor drop-offs close to shore create strong waves and undercurrents, making it dangerous to enter the water.

Why is it called Lovers Beach?

It is said that the name is due to the fact that two seas are united: the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean. Others attribute it to the history of two lovers from the 18th Century: a Japanese sailor that was rescued by an inhabitant of the region.

Why is it called Divorce Beach Cabo?

Re: Why do they call it Lovers/Divorce Beach? On one side we have Lover’s Beach. The water is pretty calm. On the other side we have “Divorce Beach”, so named because it’s on the Pacific side of the arch, and the water can be VERY dangerous; rip tide, undertows, big scary rouge waves…

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Can you walk to Divorce Beach?

over a year ago. Yes to Divorce Beach (it’s to the left and you can see the arch from the beach in front of the resort). Most take a water taxi (about $2) to Lover’s Beach. In the alternative, you can arrange for a glass bottom boat tour at the marina (if you haggle for about $6).

Are there bathrooms at Lovers Beach?

Located right near the famous Land’s End rock formations, Playa del Amor, or Lover’s Beach, is one of Cabo’s most famous stretches of shoreline. … However, because of its popularity, Lover’s Beach can lose its romantic appeal. For one, there are no bathrooms or beach bars, and some travelers encountered pesky flies.

How do you get to Lovers Beach in Cabo?

Lover’s Beach is not accessible by foot or car, which means you can only get there easily by boat. Catching a ride from Medano Beach or the marina on a water taxi is a quick option, or you can get there in a boat equipped with a glass bottom that allows you to view the fish and other sea life underneath you.

How do you get a divorce at the beach?

You enter this beach by taking a water taxi to lovers beach, which is on the Sea of Cortez, and walking through to Divorce beach which is on the Pacific. Quite unique to have a beach on both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez. Very pretty with lots of neat rock formations. BUT DO NOT SWIM IN THE PACIFIC!

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Where is the water cab in Cabo?

Water Taxi

Water taxis cluster near the downtown marina, ready to take cruise ship passengers and others to Cabo’s popular beaches like Playa del Amor (located near the iconic Land’s End rock formation) or Playa Médano.

Where is the water taxi in Cabo?

You can find several water taxi services at Cabo’s downtown marina. Water taxis will take you to a litany of Cabo beaches ranging from Playa Medano to Playa del Amor. Such taxis are not metered yet their rates are surprisingly affordable. Water taxi service typically costs around $10 one way.

Where is Playa del Amor?

Playa del Amor, commonly known as the Hidden Beach, is a feature of one of the Marieta Islands, located some 22 nautical miles west of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, at the mouth of Banderas Bay. It looks like something out of a fantasy novel: a wide, sandy cavern with the blue waters of the Pacific rushing in.