Can you cut neoprene wetsuit?

Yes, you read correctly–take a pair of scissors and cut your wetsuit. This will remove the extra neoprene and help your wetsuit glide off. Don’t worry it will not ruin your wetsuit. … To get the exact place, I put on my wetsuit, then take a Sharpie and draw a line around this section.

Can you cut neoprene without it fraying?

If it’s conventional neoprene with the usual ‘interlock’ (knitted) stretchy fabric – no, it won’t fray or split. Just use a very sharp knife or scissors to get a clean cut. If you use a knife, cut from the fabric side and try to cut right through in one go.

What happens when you cut neoprene?

You can cut neoprene on a laser cutter and it will produce an accurate and precise cut. … Slight discoloration and tackiness along the laser cut edges may occur; however, this can be easily cleaned with a wet rag after the cutting is complete.

Can I cut the legs of my wetsuit?

Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut the arms and/or legs to the desired length. We recommend cutting parallel to original cut on the wetsuit (note: the ankles are cut diagonally to maintain a bigger opening to aid you in getting your wetsuit on and off)

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Is it OK to cut a wetsuit?

I have cut my wetsuits down for years and never had any issues. Just use a sharp pair if scissors and cut straight. It’s neoprene so you won’t have fibers fraying like you would a pair of cut off shorts.

Can you make a wetsuit smaller?

Can a Wet Suit be Altered or Repaired? “Absolutely yes, wetsuits can be altered!” … We can alter your neoprene wet suit, microprene, Lavcore or Polartec suit. Generally, making a suit smaller is less expensive than making it larger, because we don’t have to add more material.

Can I cut the arms off my wetsuit?

No issues. Just make sure you use a sharp pair of sicizors or blade. Most wetsuits have seam tape that runs up the seams from the arm and leg openings. Just make sure you cut where there is still seam tape–don’t cut above where the seam tape ends.

Does it matter if a wetsuit is too long?

But it’s certainly an important one. If your new wetsuit turns out too big, it’s essentially rendered completely ineffective. Too small, and you’ll be uncomfortable with a restricted range of movement making whichever water sport your partaking in harder than it needs to be.

Can you cut the neck of a wetsuit?

I did cut the neck out of my very old Performance brand shortie last year. It worked great – zero complaints – although I was wearing it just for buoyancy and didn’t care too much about cold water. I used it a few times.

Does neoprene rip easily?

Wetsuits can easily tear from things like fingernails and small rocks. Small tears (around 1-2 inches long) can be easily repaired at home. Tears bigger than a few inches may require professional repair services.

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How do you stop neoprene from fraying?

Below are a few tips to make it even easier.

  1. Prep your neoprene by washing it in cold water and letting lie flat to dry.
  2. For smooth edges use a rotary cutter when cutting out patterns.
  3. Use wonder clips to hold the fabric in place instead of pinning.
  4. A ballpoint needle when sewing help prevent snags or holes.

How do you know if a wetsuit is too big?

A simple test is to check whether a wetsuit is too big, is to see if you can reach around and zip it up easily yourself. If you can, then the chances are it is too large for your frame. Another method is to tug gently on the lower back, if there is no give then the fit is correct.

How do you cut a swimsuit wetsuit?


You have to CUT your triathlon wetsuit legs just above the knees, slightly higher behind the knee, to eliminate that rubbing. You can still use your “adapted” suit for triathlons, but it will have lost a little buoyancy, and allow a little more water in.

Why does my wetsuit fill up with water?

Sounds like the wetsuit may be too big. A swimmers wetsuit should fit like second skin with no bagginess anywhere in the suit. If water is getting in and filling the legs then there is too much water coming into the suit and the suit is not tight enough that water can gather in the legs.