Can u surf in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the most underrated surfing nations on the planet. Despite the cold air and water temperatures, the Irish coastline is full of idyllic waves and perfect surf spots. … Surfing came to Ireland in 1949, and it’s been its best-kept secret ever since.

Is it safe to surf in Ireland?

Many lives are lost to accentual drowning every year in Ireland. Tragically the majority of these are avoidable. Surfing is an adventure sport with an inherent element of risk. However this risk can be reduced if the basic safety rules and etiquette are adhered to by all.

When can you surf in Ireland?

The best time to surf Ireland is during the period from September to May each year when the Atlantic Ocean provides plenty of powerful cold water swells. The only real drawback to the Ireland surfing experience is the cold water, but if you are prepared to overlook this little problem you are in for a treat.

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Can you surf in the Irish Sea?

Ireland has become increasingly popular as a surfing destination, due to its exposed location on the turbulent Atlantic seaboard. The numerous beaches, reefs, headlands and coves along the west coast of Ireland serve as popular surf spots. …

Can you surf in Dublin Ireland?

For surfing in Dublin, Whiterock Beach on Killiney Bay is your best bet. Located just a few minutes walk from the picturesque South Dublin village of Killiney, the waves that arrive at the beach benefit from a southerly swell that is best from low to mid tide.

How big are waves in Ireland?

The area, which generally produces waves of 6-9 metres (20-30ft) in height, was hit by a rare coincidence of conditions: the swell from the hurricane on top of a mid-Atlantic depression which produced waves breaking almost a mile out and touching, perhaps, 18 metres in height. “You could see it the whole way coming in.

Are there big waves in Ireland?

Irish surfer Conor Maguire braved treacherous conditions to ride the biggest wave ever surfed in Irish history last month. Conor Maguire took to the water in Mullaghmore, Co Sligo, on Wednesday, October 28 to take on a gigantic 60-foot swell on the west coast of Ireland.

Is it OK to surf alone?

When facing large waves, rip currents, marine life, and personal exhaustion, having other people in the water is one way you can remain safer. For this reason, surfing alone is far more dangerous than surfing with friends, or at the least, with other people in the water.

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Can you surf in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland, Portrush is like shorthand for surfing. The coast here is has two main strands for surfing – the West Strand and the smaller, more sheltered East Strand. While the East Strand is less exposed to the bigger swell, it still has powerful waves in winter.

How long is Lahinch beach?

The beach itself is over one mile long, stretching from Lahinch resort town to the mouth of the Inagh River.

Can you surf in Ireland in the summer?

If you’re like us and love surfing, Ireland’s west coast has some of the best surf beaches and waves in Europe. Here’s our guide to the best places to go surfing in Ireland this summer – rain or hail, the waves will still be there!

Can you surf in Cork Ireland?

The south coast of Cork offers a number of options for those who want to get in to our crystal clear seas and have some fun. Another cool company making waves (sorry about the pun) is who are based on another Blue Flag Beach called Garretstown (only 35 minutes from Cork).

Can you surf in Wexford?

One of Ireland’s greatest road trips is an exploration of Wexford’s incredible beaches. … Here, you’ll find a surf shack which is the gateway to Wexford’s surfing scene and as good a beach as any for a first taste of the salty sea!

Where can I surf in Dublin?

Nearby Spots

  • Sutton Strand. 1.8 miles – N.
  • Sandymount Strand. 3.4 miles – SW.
  • Velvet Strand. 3.8 miles – N.
  • Merrion Strand. 4.1 miles – S.
  • Forty Foot. 5.6 miles – SE.
  • Whiterock. 7.2 miles – SE.
  • Donabate beach. 7.4 miles – N.
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Can you surf in Wicklow?

It is no secret amongst surfers that the west coast of Ireland has the size and consistency that experienced surfers crave, however there is a growing number of people enjoying a number of spots on the east coast and for those people living in Wicklow the local beaches can often provide fun waves for beginner and …

Where is Riley’s surf spot Ireland?

There’s a slab of rock which lies just beneath the ocean’s surface in Ireland’s Clare county that has been shaped over the millennia to create the perfect set up for heavy, bowling, top to bottom left hand barrels – they call it Rileys.