Best answer: Where can I cage dive with great white sharks?

How much does it cost to cage dive with great white sharks?

The prices vary in high or low season. During high season, when there is much more white shark action around Cape Town, you’ll pay $259 a person for a morning trip. During the low season the same trip is only $185 a person.

Where can you cage dive with sharks?

10 Travel Spots With The Best Shark Cage Diving

  1. 1 North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.
  2. 2 Pacific Beach, San Diego. …
  3. 3 Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. …
  4. 4 Isla Mujeres, Mexico. …
  5. 5 Neptune Islands, South Australia. …
  6. 6 Farallon Islands, California. …
  7. 7 Cocos Island, Costa Rica. …
  8. 8 Tiger Beach, Bahamas. …

Where can I dive with white sharks?

While known to inhabit many regions in the world, there are three main areas for exceptional encounters with great white sharks: Isla Guadalupe, off Mexico’s Pacific coast; Australia’s Neptune Islands; and Gaansbai in South Africa.

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Does anyone free dive with great white sharks?

Globally diving with great white sharks without a cage is not done commercially: there are no tour operators on the planet who advertise this activity due to the risks involved. Except for one, and he has been officially banned from ever diving at Guadalupe Island again.

Do you need scuba certification to cage dive?

Do I need to be scuba certified to go shark cage diving? Many tours have also surface cages available, so you do not need to be scuba certified. However, you will need to be certified to descend in the submersible cages.

How much does it cost to cage dive in Guadalupe?

Pricing varies by vessel and accommodations class, but starts at $3579.75 per person and includes onboard accommodations, meals, non-alcoholic beverages, multiple dive days with lots of cage time, Mexico’s 16% VAT and $225 government permit fee. No dive experience is required.

Is 47 meters down a true story?

Firstly, 47 Meters Down is not based on a true story. Johannes Roberts, the writer and the director of the film and its sequel, 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, had this to say in an interview. “FOR ME WHAT WORKS ABOUT BOTH MOVIES IS THAT THEY’RE ACTUALLY, AS PREPOSTEROUS AS THEY ARE, YOU KNOW, THEY’RE MOVIES.”

How much does it cost to go shark cage diving?

Typical costs: Open-water or cage-less swims typically cost $100-$3,600, depending on the location and number of dives.

What do you need to cage dive with sharks?

You do need to be comfortable underwater, wearing a mask and breathing through a mouthpiece. We’re here to run you and your family and friends through the process of cage diving step by step. Take your time, there’s plenty of great whites here for everyone.

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Do great white sharks go to Hawaii?

Hawaii has very-large, 20-foot-plus great white sharks that come to visit the islands once a year, usually in the fall and early winter. … Many of these large sharks have GPS tracking units attached to their dorsal fins, and they travel once a year all the way to Hawai’i from the West Coast of the U.S. and Mexico.

Can you visit Guadalupe Island?

You can travel to Guadalupe Island by boat only, and permits for landing on the island are almost impossible to get unless you are part of a naturalist team or have some Government permitting that allows you to land here.

Can u swim with great white sharks?

No, you can’t. Swimming with great whites is inherently dangerous. These are large and powerful predators who have eaten people in the past. While they are not as dangerous as films and popular-culture might have you believe, they are also not safe animals to be around without adequate protection.

Is it safe to swim with reef sharks?

Some of the most common sharks that we can get close enough to swim with around the world are reef sharks and rays. … While Tiger sharks, Bull sharks, giant hammerheads and, of course Great Whites, can deliberately attack, posing the greatest threat to humans so should be completely avoided.

Is free diving with sharks safe?

Yes, sharks do attack divers, whether provoked or unprovoked. … As such, diving with sharks is not considered a dangerous activity, although some encounters can pose more risks than others. Most sharks are cautious of divers although, over the years, sharks have become bolder around people because of baiting.

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How deep can a great white shark dive?

Great white sharks can swim at speeds of 25 km/hr (16 mph) for short bursts and to depths of 1,200 m (3,900 ft).