Best answer: How do I clean my sails?

Most sail makers recommend frequent rinsing with fresh water. If that is not sufficient, spread the sail on a smooth, clean surface and brush it lightly with a mild detergent solution or with a specially prepared cleaner such as “Sail-Kleen” or “Sail-Bath” from Davis.

What can I use to clean my sails?

yourself sanding the back of your sail as you meticulously clean the front. Use a mild soap solution and fresh water. Use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and salt. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

How do I get my sails white again?

Chlorine free bleach is recommended as it is less acidic. Mix one cup of non-chlorinated bleach with a small amount of soap per gallon of water. Spray your sail and let it soak in before scrubbing and finally rinsing off your sail.

Can you wash sails in a washing machine?

There is no stretch in spinnaker cloth and the washing machine agitator will pull and weaken the fibers, if not actually tearing the sail. You could try a weak, colorfast bleach, but do so at your own peril. Dacron is a lot more forgiving, you can use bleach in your soap bucket as well as CLR.

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How do you clean nylon sails?

If you expose Kevlar or nylon to bleach—say you decide to rinse the sails in an ordinary swimming pool (which we sometimes do with our Dacron sails)—they can lose up to 90 percent of their original strength. For washing your sails, most sailmakers recommend using mild soap and water, and avoiding anything abrasive.

How do you clean large sails?

Fill the garbage can with water (soft and warm but not hot, if possible). Add 2 cups of Oxyclean liquid stain remover and mix well. Do not add bleach or other harsh cleaners, which can damage some sail fabrics, bolt ropes, and thread. Completely submerge one sail at a time in the water and let it soak for 24 hours.

How do you remove rust from Dacron sails?

First, you’ll need to spread out your sails on the ground so they’re flat. Then take some warm, soapy water and clean the surface. Next, you’ll need to mix up a paste of water and baking soda, and apply this mixture to the specific spots on the sails where you see rust stains.

How do you get grease off a sail?

Simply brush off the baking soda at the end of the waiting period and then apply a mild detergent and warm water solution. Allow the detergent at least 5-10 minutes to do its magic. Finish off by rinsing the site with fresh water. You should be able to remove most light oil and grease stains using this method.

How do you dry sails?

– Dry out your sails before leaving them on the boat for any period of time. One way of doing this is to simply spread the sails around the main cabin and forepeak so that the air can circulate and dry them between outings. – Avoid the practice of drying sails by hoisting them to flog in the breeze.

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How do I clean Mylar sails?

Use warm water, soap and elbow grease. Hard stains can be removed with household bleach or common stain remover. Be careful to thoroughly remove all cleaning solvents or they will damage the finish.

How do you clean a dinghy sail?


  1. Lay out the sail on a large flat clean surface, even a well-groomed grassy area will do.
  2. Mix some warm water with a mild detergent such as Boat Buddy Sail and Cover Cleaner. …
  3. Allow the solution some time on the fabric to soak in and dissolve the salt and dirt.

How do you clean an old sailboat?

Normal cleaning requires a light wash-down with Woolite in warm water followed by a good rinse. A very soft bristle brush can be helpful. If you have mildew problems, a diluted bleach solution can be used-¾ cup bleach and a ¼ cup of Woolite to a gallon of warm water.

How do you clean a Sunfish sail?

Simply lay the sail out on a clean, dry, preferably smooth surface, and use water and mild soap, like Woolite, along with a scrub brush with soft, pliable bristles to remove the stains and dirt from the sail.

How do you wash a sail cover?

A simple combination of soap and water will go far when cleaning your sails. Simply scrub the soapy solution onto your sail with a soft-bristled brush, but make sure to do it on a clean and smooth surface to prevent any damage to your sails.

How do you clean a canvas sail?

The best method to clean your shade sail; Remove your shade sail and place on a flat, clean surface. Ensure you wash your shade sail on a sunny day so it can dry. Using a soft bristle and Sugar Soap work the soap into the fabric and leave for 10-15 mins.

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Can Dacron be washed?

To save water, energy, and the quality of your garment, it’s best to wash clothes made of Dacron in cold temperatures. You can place them in the washing machine but with a temperature lower than 40 degrees Celcius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).