Best answer: Do you put wax on the bottom of a skimboard?

You should NOT use surf wax on the bottom of your skimboard, only the top. … Surf wax is sticky and is put on the top of your skimboard to stop your feet slipping off and car wax (or speed wax) is slippery and can be rubbed on the bottom of your board for extra speed.

Where do you put wax on a skimboard?

Apply the wax in small circles till it really starts to come off the bar and onto the top of the board. This is unlike snowboarding, if you’re familiar, where you might apply the wax on the bottom of the board. The base coat is usually tougher to apply because it stays the longest on the board.

How do I protect the bottom of my skimboard?

Wax the deck with surfboard wax; this will keep your feet from slipping. You can also use car wax on the bottom; this will reduce the wear and tear from the sand. With adult supervision, Skimboards are a big thrill for kids as young as 5.

Do you wax the top or bottom of a surfboard?

You need to wax the top of your surfboard, particularly where you will be standing and moving. Don’t wax the bottom of your surfboard, as it won’t help you – it might even slow you down in the water!

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Can you skimboard without grip?

As a general rule you should never skimboard without wax or grips on the top of your board. Without wax the top of your skimboard will be extremely slippery which will cause your feet to slide off your board and could lead to injury.

How often do you wax a skimboard?

As a general rule you should re-wax your skimboard every 3-6 months with the changing water temperatures. If the wax clumps become too lumpy under your feet (1/2-1/2 inch), if the wax melts and resets, turns yellow or fills up with sand then it’s also time to re-wax your skimboard.

What kind of wax is used for surfboards?

Base wax is essential for any new board no matter the water temperature you plan on surfing. Base wax, also called base coat, should be used as a primer for any new board. It allows for other waxes to stick to the board better. Base wax is very hard and should only be used on new, cleaned surfboards.

Do skimboards need traction pads?

Traction Pads Give Increased Grip

Many skimboarders use a front arch bar which is a thin strip running up the center of the board. … Wax still gives you a good amount of grip so traction pads aren’t required but the extra grip can make skimboarding easier.

Why do surfers wax the top of their feet?

Surfers who have to do a bit of stone walking to get out into the lineup tend to wax the top of their feet in addition to the top of their boards. … Surfers are waxing the tops of their feet, so they can store some extra traction for when they finally make it out to the lineup.

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What are Zap Skimboards made of?

Zap Skimboards – Classic Series Wedge Medium Skimboard 45″ (1/2″ Thick) – Assorted Colors – Continuous Core with E-Glass Wrap, Polyester Resin, and TuffCoat Gloss Finish.