Your question: What is the front crawl technique in swimming?

With your elbow slightly bent, sweep forward, then back towards the centre of the body, then out towards the thighs – imitating an hour glass shape. Maximise the efficiency of your stroke by completing the whole arm action and not bringing you arm out of the water before it reaches your leg.

What is a front crawl in swimming?

The front crawl, or freestyle stroke, is a common swimming stroke. … When swimming the front crawl, your body is facing down in the water. You perform a flutter kick continuously, and your arms alternate reaching in front of your head and then pulling back underwater.

Is front crawl a skill in swimming?

Front crawl is the fastest, most efficient swimming stroke. … By breaking the stroke down, I have simplified it to use the parts you need to fine-tune your swimming technique.

What does front crawl look like?

In front crawl you will need your legs close together, straight but not locked out, toes/feet pointed (plantar flexion) and, most importantly, kick from your hip, not your knee. Kicking at some speed will help to prevent your body from over-rotating.

Is front crawl the same as freestyle?

The Freestyle is not actually a stroke but a category in swimming competition. … For this reason, the term freestyle is often used as a synonym for front crawl. The front crawl requires you to flutter kick your feet while reaching forward with alternating strokes.

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What muscles does front crawl work?

Front crawl: Predominantly recruits the deltoids, latissimus dorsi (down the side of your back), trapezius, triceps and biceps muscles. It’s a fast way to a taut, toned upper body.

Why is front crawl so hard?

The simple reason is that the mouth is a bigger opening than the nose making it easier and more efficient for getting air in and out. Most beginners learning to swim, especially front crawl, find breathing the most difficult part. … This makes the whole breathing process slower.

What is the most important aspect in front crawl?

The most important part of breathing in freestyle is to keep a neutral head position. You do not want to move your head forward or up, as this will ruin your body position and waste energy. When breathing, take a stroke with one arm, and as you reach forward, you’ll notice your upper body rotating to the side.

Is front crawl easy?

Getting front crawl right isn’t easy. Learning all the main swimming strokes comes after you have mastered the basic skills of swimming. This is during Stage 3 of the Learn to Swim Pathway for adults learning to swim. But the strokes can take a lifetime to master.