Who is the youngest Olympic swimmer?

Grimes is the youngest U.S. Olympic swimmer since Amanda Beard who made the Atlanta 1996 team at age 14.

Who is the youngest Olympian swimmer?

The youngest swimmer in US history was Donna Elizabeth de Varona. She won the gold medal at the 1960 Rome Olympics at 13 years old.

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Swimmer EGOROVA Anna
Time 8:24.35

How old is youngest Olympic swimmer?

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Grimes, who turned 15 in January, is the youngest American Olympian in Tokyo. The Las Vegas native is also the youngest U.S. Olympic swimmer since Amanda Beard, who made the 1996 team at age 14.

Who is the youngest person to compete in the Olympics?

The youngest athlete was Greek gymnast Dimitrios Loundras, who won bronze in team parallel bars at 10 years 216 days. Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn was the oldest athlete and medalist (72) and gold medalist (64 in 1912).

Who is the 15 year old Olympic swimmer?

Meet Katie Grimes, the 15-year-old USA swimmer dubbed ‘the future’ by Katie Ledecky. When Katie Ledecky qualified for the 800-meter freestyle for the U.S. Olympic Team back in 2012, it stunned the nation.

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Who is the 14 year old swimmer in the Olympics?

Summer McIntosh is making a splash at the Tokyo Olympics. The 14-year-old set a new Canadian record for the women’s 400-metre freestyle on Sunday with a time of four minutes and 2.72 seconds.

Is there a 12-year-old in the Olympics?

On Wednesday, 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki became the youngest Olympic medallist in 85 years with her silver medal in the women’s park final, ahead of 13-year-old bronze medallist Brown. The youngest athlete at the Tokyo Games is table tennis sensation Hend Zaza.

Do Olympics have an age limit?

According to the International Olympic Committee, “there is no specific age limit for taking part in the Olympic Games.” … It explains why competitors ranged in age from 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki, Japan’s youngest Olympian ever, to 46-year-old Rune Glifberg, the oldest skateboarder at the Tokyo Games.

How old is Dressel?

The oldest Olympic athletics medalist of all time was a Swedish shooter named Oscar Swahn, who was 72 years, 280 days old when he won a silver medal in the 1920 Olympics.

Who is the youngest medalist?

Youngest and oldest medal winners

At 13 years and 330 days, Momiji Nishiya of Japan, women’s street skateboarding champion, is the youngest Olympic gold medalist in Tokyo. American diver Marjorie Gestring, at 13 years and 267 days, set the record for the youngest winner at the 1936 Berlin Games.

Who is the youngest Olympian in 2021?

The youngest athlete in the Tokyo Games is Hend Zaza, 12, a table tennis player from Syria. She is the youngest Olympian since 1992, when 11-year-old Carlos Front competed for Spain in rowing and 12-year-old Judit Kiss participated in the swimming for Hungary. Zaza is also the youngest table tennis Olympian in history.

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Who is the youngest Olympian track and field?

ATLANTA — Nothing about Jasmine Moore’s school year was usual. She made the decisive move to Athens during a pandemic, and despite the changes, Moore found herself at her first Olympics. The 20-year-old is the youngest on Team USA’s track and field team.

Where are the 2024 Olympics?

With the flame extinguished in Tokyo this past weekend, the torch for the Summer Olympics — seeing as the Winter Games in Beijing are just six months away — has been passed to Paris, the host of the 2024 Summer Games. Paris will host in less than three years.

Who is the youngest ever medalist in Olympic history?

Either Hiraki or Brown would have broken the record. The youngest winner of any medal was Dimitrios Loundras of Greece, who at age 10 in 1896 won a bronze medal in team gymnastics.

Do Olympians get paid?

But, no, the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee doesn’t pay the Olympians a salary. They can make money from teams that are sponsored, endorsements, or medal winnings.