What is the first step in performing the backstroke?

How do you do a backstroke step by step?


  1. Keep your legs close together.
  2. Generate power from your hips, not your knees. Your whole leg should be moving with each kick, not just your lower leg.
  3. Your legs should be relaxed and bent slightly. Think of your legs as battle ropes, moving fluidly up and down.
  4. Focus on smooth, consistent kicks at first.

What are the 3 phases of the backstroke?

In backstroke, the arm stroke movements can be divided into the following phases: Entry and extension forward. First downsweep. Catch.

When performing the backstroke what part of the hand exits the water first?

As your body rotates, your right thumb or back of wrist will exit the water first. Your right arm will be straight and it will rotate during the recovery so that your hand can enter the water little finger first.

What is the first phase of the elementary back arm action?

The first phase of the movement starts with your arms resting by your side. In this position, your palms are facing your body and your legs are extended but together. Start by bending your elbows on the horizontal plane and move your hands towards your rib area. This movement mimics the movement of a chicken.

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What is the main purpose of backstroke?

Backstroke As a Safety Stroke

Its main purpose is to allow you to catch your breath and lower your heart rate at any moment during an open-water swim. Occasionally using a stroke other than freestyle can make your race experience more enjoyable and relaxed.

What are Backstrokes?

: a swimming stroke executed on the back and usually consisting of alternating circular arm pulls and a flutter kick. Other Words from backstroke Example Sentences Learn More About backstroke.

What are the three phases during the arm movement for breaststroke?

In recent two-three decades analysis of breaststroke swimming has been conducted by using video recordings, where in the movements of the upper and lower limbs were generally distinguished into three phases: propulsive, resistant and gliding.

What is the first leg of medley swimming race?

In the medley relay all four strokes are swum by four different swimmers. No swimmer may swim more than one leg of the relay, which is swum in backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle order. Additionally it is possible to see a world record in the 100 meter backstroke (the first leg) in this race.

When swimming the backstroke during the entry phase of the arm cycle your hand should?

discusses goals and workouts for one of his top swimmers, Kayla Wilson, a rising senior at Norfolk Academy who recently committed to Stanford for fall 2022. To minimize the arm entry phase time in backstroke, a swimmer must quickly move the hand downward directly behind and below the shoulder.