What is the fastest 50m backstroke time?

Who is the fastest backstroke swimmer?

Instead, Berkoff is the fastest backstroke swimmer in history, the man who revolutionized a stroke so well that his new method has been banned internationally. Here, as the national collegiate men’s swimming and diving championships began today, Berkoff started swimming in the final meet of his career.

What is the fastest 50 free time short course?

Short course

# Time Meet
1 21.76 FINA World Cup
2 21.64
3 21.60 World Cup
4 21.50 World Cup

Who is the best backstroker?

Regan Smith, world’s best backstroker, takes flight in butterfly

  • Regan Smith broke both backstroke world records at age 17. …
  • Smith took the 100m fly in 57.88 seconds, pulling away from Kelsi Dahlia by six tenths of a second.

What is the fastest time for 100m backstroke?


Event Time Meet
100m backstroke 51.85 Olympic Games
200m backstroke 1:51.92 World Championships
50m breaststroke 25.95 World Championships
100m breaststroke 56.88 World Championships

What is the fastest time for 50 free swimming?

The current world record for the 50 freestyle long course is held by Cesar Cielo (BRA), who set the mark on December 18, 2009 at the CBDA Open – Brazilian Championships, in a time of 20.91. (For World, Olympics and World Championship records you can view them here.)

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How fast can Usain Bolt run 50 meters?

Bolt runs 14.35 sec for 150m; covers 50m-150m in 8.70 sec!

What is the average 50 freestyle time?

For those same examples above, the 50-54 men’s 100-yard freestyle motivational times range from 52.69 to 1:10.29. The average swimming speed for the 1650 for 25- to 29-year-old women ranges from 20:44.49 to 27:39.29.

Who won 50m freestyle?

Nathan Adrian wins the men’s 50m freestyle in 22.13 seconds at the 2021 TYR Pro Swim Series, but says he is looking to do better in his next race before trials.

What is Caeleb Dressel 50 free time?

And he did it without taking a breath the entire time. With his exceptional and explosive start off the blocks, Dressel shot out ahead of the field with his first stroke and finished with a time of 21.07 — breaking Brazil’s Cesar Cielo’s Olympic record of 21.30 from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and .

Is butterfly stroke faster than freestyle?

Contrary to popular belief, the peak speed reached in butterfly is actually faster than freestyle. The double arm pulling action has great propulsive potential, and when combined with the downbeat of the kick, is faster than the single-arm pull in freestyle.

Who is the No 1 swimmer in the world?

Michael Phelps of the United States has won the global award eight times, followed by Katie Ledecky of the United States and Ian Thorpe of Australia with four. Regionally, German, Hungarian and Dutch swimmers have had the most success in Europe, while Australians have won more than three-quarters of the Pacific awards.

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How old is Dressel?

15 of those swims for Adam Peaty have been faster than a 58 with his fastest, the world record, being a 56.88 which he set at World Championships in 2019. The men’s 100 m breaststroke long course top 20 all time performances.