What are figures in synchronized swimming?

Figures are technical elements competed in the 12 and under, 13-15 and junior categories. Each age group has a different set of figures attributed to them, including mandatory and optionals.

How is synchronized swimming scored?

The judging for synchronised swimming resembles the judging for figure skating, with two panels of five judges — one panel assessing technical merit and the other assessing artistic impression. Each judge awards a mark out of a possible 10, with scores registered in tenths of a point.

What are the two main types of routines in synchronized swimming?

Synchronized Swimming – Overview

Technical routine − In technical routine, the players perform according to a set of predetermined steps. It should be performed strictly according to certain guidelines. Free routine − Here, the steps are not predetermined, so the players are free to choose their own steps.

What is a common injury of synchronized swimming?

Most common among these injuries are knee pain associated with the eggbeater kick and shoulder pain associated with sculling. Synchronized swimmers are also prone to otitis externa (“swimmer’s ear”) and chemical conjunctivitis. Stress-related symptoms are common.

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What is the highest score you can get in synchronized swimming?

Routines are scored on a scale of 100, with points for execution, artistic impression, and difficulty.

What is the most popular swim stroke?

Breaststroke. The front crawl is popular because it’s fast, but the breaststroke is the most popular swimming stroke of all.

Do synchronized swimmers get judged underwater?

The highest and lowest of the scores awarded in each category, Technical Merit and Artistic Impression, are canceled and the remaining scores are averaged. Technical Merit total is multiplied by six (6) and the Artistic Impression score by four (4). The total of these two equals the routine score.

Who took gold in synchronized swimming?

Artistic Swimming – Duet Results

Rank Nation Athletes
1 ROC Svetlana Kolesnichenko & Svetlana Romashina
2 China Huang Xuechen & Sun Wenyan
3 Ukraine Marta Fiedina & Anastasiya Savchuk
4 Japan Yukiko Inui & Megumu Yoshida

Who won the 2021 synchronized swimming?

Romashina and her partner Svetlana Kolesnichenko won the competition with a final score of 195.9079. That was over three points better than China in second place.

Is synchronized swimming the hardest sport?

Despite the doubt of many people, synchronized swimming is one of the most underrated but most difficult sports, and it certainly deserves to be in the Olympic games. … Because of this, synchronized swimmers are some of the strongest and well-rounded athletes to compete in the modern Olympic games.

Do synchronized swimmers wear goggles?

Synchronised swimmers do use goggles in training, but they are banned in competitions, where athletes dazzle with sparkly costumes, balletic underwater moves and a seemingly instinctive connection with their partners. … The lack of goggles is emblematic of synchronised swimming’s rigour.

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What is the goal in synchronized swimming?

The objective of the sport is to ensure all members of the team make the exact same movements which also flawlessly blends with the music, without their legs ever touching the floor. The sport has different formats of competitions based on the number of athletes performing the routine.

How do Synchronised swimmers breathe?

Most swimmers opt for nose clips to help with holding their breath. … Some swimmers can hold their breath for more than three minutes, but most synchro routines require no more than one minute of continuous breath-holding. Cover up.