Quick Answer: What kick do you use for breaststroke?

The type of kick used in the breaststroke is the whip kick. The key is to start slow and end fast. Begin this kick style with your legs extended and toes pointed.

What is the breaststroke kick called?

The leg movement, colloquially known as the “frog kick” or “whip kick”, consists of two phases: bringing the feet into position for the thrust phase and the insweep phase. From the initial position with the legs stretched out backward, the feet are moved together towards the posterior, while the knees stay together.

Do you use flutter kick in breaststroke?

Instead of completing each stroke cycle with a breaststroke kick, keep a continuous flutter kick going behind you; Keep a continuous, high tempo stroke rate going; Also works well for non-breaststrokers as it elevates the heart rate and builds upper body power.

What are the 2 kicks performed during the breaststroke?

Teaching Breaststroke Leg Action

There are 2 types of leg kick that may be performed. The wider wedge kick, where the knees turn outwards and the narrower whip kick where the knees are kept in line with the hips.

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What kind of kick is used in backstroke?

The backstroke kick is a flutter kick. Its technique is similar to the kick used in the front crawl stroke, the difference being that you are swimming on the back.

What is the most common type of kick in swimming?

Front crawl, commonly referred to as freestyle, is swum with an alternating arm stroke, flutter kick and breathing to the side. It is the most common swimming stroke and often the first one novice swimmers learn.

What kick is used when swimming a butterfly?

In the butterfly stroke, swimmers execute a technique with their legs called the dolphin kick. In the dolphin kick, both legs do a simultaneous whipping movement, with the feet pointed. This looks a bit like the up and down movements of a dolphin’s tail, which explains the name of this swimming technique.

What are the different kicks in swimming?

Basic Swimming Strokes

  • Kick. The flutter kick begins at the hips and flows to the feet. …
  • Arm Stroke. …
  • Breathing and Coordination. …
  • Kick. …
  • Arm Stroke. …
  • Breathing and Coordination.

What are the different types of kicks in swimming?

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  • backstroke.
  • breaststroke.
  • butterfly.
  • butterfly stroke.
  • crawl.
  • dolphin kick.
  • flutter kick.
  • frog kick.

What is the frog kick in swimming?

frog kick. noun. a type of kick used in swimming, as in the breast stroke, in which the legs are simultaneously drawn towards the body and bent at the knees with the feet together, straightened out with the legs apart, and then brought together again quickly.

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How many kicks are used in the main swimming strokes?

One kick per arm or two kicks per cycle. This style is often used in training. Catch up stroke: A variation of the front crawl where one arm always rests at the front while the other arm performs one cycle.