Quick Answer: Can you swim in Boston beaches?

The majority of Boston area beaches are accessible by public transit and most have sandy shorelines. Waters here are warm enough for swimming and/or recreational activities. … There are plenty of clean and clear freshwater lakes perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and camping throughout the state.

Can you swim at the beach in Boston?

Revere Beach

This two-mile crescent is an ideal swimming beach, with gentle waves curling into shore. Views in the distance of lighthouses and passing boats add depth to the horizon. Athletic fields, a bandstand, restrooms, and seasonal lifeguards make this a spot where people are likely to spend all day.

Where can you swim in the ocean in Boston?

Boston Beaches – The Very Best Beaches Near Boston

  • Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, $$$ …
  • Crane Beach, Ipswich, $$$ …
  • Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester, $$$ …
  • Castle Island & Carson Beach at Fort Independence, Boston, Free. …
  • Stage Fort Park Beaches, Gloucester, $$ …
  • Cape Cod National Seashore, Cape Cod, $$
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Is it warm enough to swim in Boston?

Is it warm enough to swim in Boston in June? Average water temperature in Boston in June is 59.2°F and therefore is not suitable for comfortable swimming. … Average high air temperature in Boston in June is 76°F, and average low temperature is 60°F.

Is it safe to swim in Boston Harbor?

That’s right, the beaches along Boston Harbor are clean and getting cleaner and are ripe for swimming as the temperatures rise this season. … It’s important to note, too, that not every beach was tested as thoroughly as the others. Some were tested daily or weekly, some with samplings at one or multiple locations.

Can you swim at Carson beach?

One of the better beaches in Boston. There aren’t really any great swimming beaches in Boston, but this one is expansive and offers a lot of space for other beach activities, like walking, finding sea glass, beach volleyball, and laying out in the sun.

Is it safe to swim off Cape Cod?

The main danger you can face while swimming in the Cape waters, is the abundance of sharks on Cape Cod. The number of sharks on Cape Cod has been on the rise since protective legislation in the 90s and the booming population of their prey, the grey seal.

Is it warm enough to swim in Massachusetts?

Sea water temperature throughout Massachusetts is not yet warm enough for swimming and does not exceed 68°F. The warmest ocean temperature in Massachusetts today is 52.5°F (in Cuttyhunk Island), and the coldest sea temperature is 43.9°F (Marion).

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Can you swim in Revere Beach?

You can’t swim at Revere Beach.

Can you swim in Massachusetts beaches?

A red flag means all swimming is prohibited. But there’s more to do here beyond sun, sand, and swim: it’s a popular place for the large seal population to cavort, and you can get even closer on seal tours that leave from the beach.

Can you swim at Cape Cod beaches?

Cape Cod & the Islands beaches offer excellent sand, swimming and water sports. A Cape Cod vacation is a beach vacation. Cape Cod extends 70 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Cape Cod Bay on the north, Buzzards Bay on the west, Vineyard and Nantucket sounds on the south, and the Atlantic Ocean on the east.

Can you swim in Cape Cod Bay?

The sharks may have visitors asking — “Is it safe to go in the water?” If you plan on wading more than waist deep, the answer is likely no. The waters around Cape Cod are not places where you can swim or surf without a fear of sharks.

Can you swim in the South Boston beach?

South Boston’s M Street Beach is likely the cleanest for swimming, according to the latest scores, something that has been the case for several years running now. Nearby City Point and Pleasure Bay are pretty clean water-wise too.

Does Boston water have chlorine?

MWRA water is lead-free when it leaves the reservoirs. … Chlorine sensitivity and bi-products – Customers with a chloramine sensitivity may prefer to filter their drinking water with a filter that removes chloramine.

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Can you swim in the Charles River Boston?

Due to important safety considerations, swimming in the Charles River is only allowed if a permit is obtained from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MassDCR) and we work in partnership with MassDCR to obtain a Special Use Permit for this unique event.