Question: What is a good 50 breaststroke time?

For a 50, this would be 16.7 sec. The average 30 sec per 50 yards master swimmer hits the water at around 4.7 miles per hour (6.9 ft/sec.) (2.1 meters/sec.). For a 50, this would be 21.4 seconds.

What is the fastest 50 breaststroke time?


Event Time Date
50m breaststroke 25.95 25 July 2017
100m breaststroke 56.88 21 July 2019
200m breaststroke 2:06.12 26 July 2019
50m butterfly 22.27 1 July 2018

What is an average breaststroke time?

In short- the average time to swim a mile breaststroke should be just over 50 minutes if you have some swimming experience and you swim at a comfortable pace. If you swim a mile breaststroke fast, it should take about 45 minutes or slightly less.

What is the Olympic time for 50 breaststroke?

The Olympic Qualifying Time for the event is 22.01 seconds.

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