Frequent question: What type of kick is used for backstroke?

The backstroke kick is a flutter kick. Its technique is similar to the kick used in the front crawl stroke, the difference being that you are swimming on the back.

What type of leg kick is used for freestyle and backstroke?

The flutter kick is a simple and efficient kick used in the front crawl/freestyle stroke, but also in the backstroke. Both legs are kept parallel, fairly straight, and quickly flutter up and down with toes pointed.

What is backstroke flutter kick?

The flutter kick is a simple yet efficient swimming technique where you keep your legs parallel and alternatively kick upward and downward with each leg. The flutter kick is used in the backstroke but also in the front crawl stroke to provide balance and propulsion.

What kicks are used in breaststroke?

The type of kick used in the breaststroke is the whip kick. The key is to start slow and end fast.

What is flutter kick drills?

The flutter kick is a swimming technique in which you perform small and quick up and down movements with pointed feet. Being able to do the flutter kick is an important prerequisite for learning the front crawl / freestyle stroke.

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What are the different types of kicks in swimming?

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  • backstroke.
  • breaststroke.
  • butterfly.
  • butterfly stroke.
  • crawl.
  • dolphin kick.
  • flutter kick.
  • frog kick.

What are the four types of swimming kicks?

Learning the four swimming strokes comes after you have mastered the basic skills of swimming. If you have reached this point then we have collated some tips below to help you learn the four swimming strokes: front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.

Can butterfly kick be used in backstroke?

Therefore, most experienced swimmers in backstroke competitions stay under water up to the limit set by FINA (15 meters after the start and after every turn). Most swimmers use a butterfly kick underwater, as this provides more forward movement than the flutter kick.

How many dolphin kicks are legal?

Number Of Dolphin Kicks

The faster the kick relative to the swim, the more kicks underwater should be taken up to the number needed to reach the maximum allowable 15 meters (For Phelps that is seven kicks).

What is the frog kick in swimming?

frog kick. noun. a type of kick used in swimming, as in the breast stroke, in which the legs are simultaneously drawn towards the body and bent at the knees with the feet together, straightened out with the legs apart, and then brought together again quickly.

What is the most common type of kick in swimming?

Front crawl, commonly referred to as freestyle, is swum with an alternating arm stroke, flutter kick and breathing to the side. It is the most common swimming stroke and often the first one novice swimmers learn.

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