Frequent question: What does Fl mean in swimming?

FL = fly. IM = individual medley. F! = fast. T = get your time.

What are the terms used in swimming?

Swimming terminology jargon buster

  • Freestyle – most people know that there are four strokes in swimming, and most of us know them as front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. …
  • Dolphin kick – the dolphin kick is usually used for the butterfly stroke, and the start and turns in a race, as it is very fast.

What is a good stroke count for 25 yards?

A good goal is to consistently swim at fewer than 20 strokes per 25-yard length. Most swimmers will develop a stroke- count “range” of 12 to 18 strokes per length, depending on what type of swimming they are doing.

What does RI mean in swimming?

Rest Interval (abr.

Rest time after a swim of a certain distance. i.e., 4 x 200 on 10s RI. This means that after you complete the first 200, you immediately look at the pace clock and begin the second 200 exactly 10 seconds later.

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What does NC mean in swimming?

National Centres | Swimming | British Swimming.

What is the hardest swimming stroke?

To anyone who’s not a professional swimmer, the butterfly is intimidating. It’s easily the hardest stroke to learn, and it requires some serious strength before you can start to match the speeds of the other strokes. It’s also one of the best calorie-burners, with a rate of around 820 calories per hour.

What does BB mean swimming?

BB (B Cut) Is a classification for a swimmer or a swim. National Age Group Time Standard BB time is faster than the B time standard and slower than the A time standard. B-Meet A swim meet that requires swimmers to have previously swam an A time standard in events they wish to enter.

What is the distance can swim a normal swimmer?

Typical swim practice is grueling. A mile may seem like a lot to swim, but for a competent swimmer, a mile is usually a mere warm-up. A full practice can be anywhere between 3-8 miles depending on the type of practice, the time of the season, and the swimmer.

How many strokes does it take to cross a pool?

Swimming obviously has its four main strokes: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Some are swum moving both arms together. Some are swum moving each arm separately. But there are many more distinctions and commonalities within the strokes, as well as the individuals that swim them.

What is good distance per stroke?

Swimming or pulling with 100% stroke distance efficiency, you should be able to travel approximately 5 ft. with each freestyle arm stroke (10 ft. for each right-left stroke cycle). In a 25 yd.

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What is BK in swimming?

BK: Backstroke. Fly: Butterfly. IM: Individual Medley (Fly, Bk, Br, Fr in. order) IMO: IM Order – swim the reps in the order.

What does St mean in swimming?

The second half of the swim is faster than the first. PR: Primary Stroke (Your best stroke) ST: Stroke (fly, back, or breast) SCM: Short course meters (25 meter pool length) SCY: Short course yards (25 yard pool length)

What does NS mean in swimming?

NS (No Swim) – In results, NS indicates that the swimmer did not compete in the event. NST (No Slower Than) – A swimmer entered in this event must have achieved a time equal to or faster than the NST qualifying time for the event.

What does Pb mean in swimming?

PB – Personal Best – this is your best time to date for a particular stroke and distance, remember that long course (50m) times will be slower than short course (25m) so you will have pb’s for each. Percentages – Usually refers to the effort or pace being completed for that swim set.

What does pink mean in swimming?

If you notice a weird pink coating or pink spots at the bottom of your pool, you may be dealing with pink algae. Any type of algae or bacteria growth in your pool is never good.

What does SB mean in swimming?

This classification is for swimming. In the classification title, S represents Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly strokes. SB means breaststroke. SM means individual medley.