Can you swim in Grafham Water?

Kayaking, canoeing and sailing are all provided from the Grafham Water Centre and Grafham Water Sailing Club. For your safety, please contact them in advance to access the water. Open water swimming is not permitted, other than as part of an authorised event.

Is Rutland water safe to swim in?

Our waters are great for fishing, observing nature and relaxing, however, they are not for unsupervised swimming. Our Rutland Water Beach situated at Sykes Lane, offers visitors a safe environment to cool down in the summer months with trained lifeguards on watch throughout the season.

What is Grafham Water used for?

Grafham Water is popular for a range of leisure activities including sailing, fly fishing and cycling.

Are dogs allowed at Grafham Water?

Absolutely, your four-legged friend is most welcome at Grafham Water. But please follow our dog code: Lead by example – your dog must be on a lead at all times. … No doggy paddling – Please keep dogs out of the water, blue green algae can develop in the margins and is harmful if ingested.

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How many miles is it around Grafham Water?

Enjoy the last bit of summer at our beach at Grafham Water. Bring your bucket and spade, build a sandcastle and dip your toe into the water. Please follow our advice to enjoy the beach safely.

Can you swim at Ravensthorpe Reservoir?

Anglian Water also has reservoirs at Ravensthorpe and Hollowell. With the exception of supervised events such as triathlons, swimming is not permitted at any of these sites.

Can you fish at Grafham Water?

Hosting national and international fly fishing competitions, Grafham Water is one of the UK’s premier fisheries attracting both beginners and those with a lifelong passion for fishing. There are a wide range of permit options available for both trout and predator anglers available for our Fishing Lodge.

Is there a village under Grafham Water?

Grafham, situated just over five miles from Huntingdon, is a unique village that offers a real escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. That’s because it’s home to Grafham Water – England’s third-largest reservoir that is nested in 1,500 acres of stunning countryside.

Can you cycle around Grafham Water?

Grafham Water consists of a 10-mile (16.1 km) circular route around the reservoir on traffic-free waterside trails. Start at Marlow Park (the location of Rutland Cycling bike hire and Grafham Water Visitor Centre) or Mander Park and set off to the west or east depending on how you feel!

Can dogs swim in pitsford reservoir?

Absolutely, your four-legged friend is most welcome at the park.

Can you paddle board at Grafham Water?

Stand Up Paddle-boarding is permissible in accordance with the following: Between 1 April and 30 September. Wind strength below 13 knots. Within an area defined as follows: Western club boundary – marks W – M – K – E – Eastern Club Boundary.

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Can you kayak on Grafham Water?

Grafham Water Centre are based on the Lake and they take canoes, do raft building, kayaking and sailing on the lake.

Are toilets open at Grafham Water?

The Grafham Water Visitor Centre is all on one level and has a disabled toilet accessed with an abloy key. The Grafham Water Fishing Lodge is on two levels but wheelchair users can access them both, each with its own toilet for disabled users.

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