Can you swim at Lyme Regis?

The beach no longer gets covered at high tide and provides an extensive beach area. This beach is manned by RNLI lifeguards during the peak season, so it’s the ideal place to swim and paddle. There are kiosks, takeaways, cafes, restaurants and public houses bordering this section of the beach.

Is Lyme Regis a nice beach?

A nice beach with plenty of sand, but only when the tide is out; when the tide is in, the beach disappears.

Is Lyme Regis beach sand or pebbles?

Lyme Regis’ beaches are mostly pebble, though there are areas of sandy beach, especially at Town Beach and Church Beach, where the River Lym flows into the sea.

How many beaches are in Lyme Regis?

There are four beaches to enjoy in Lyme Regis, each suited for different purposes. We own and maintain the main sand beach and a large section of Monmouth Beach.

Can you swim at Monmouth Beach?

Monmouth Beach – Monmouth Beach Club

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Visitors can enjoy swimming, fishing, and surfing. There is a fee to use the beach. This beach is located on Ocean Avenue at the end of Beach Road.

Does Lyme Regis have sandy beaches?

Lyme Regis is a small town often referred to as the ‘pearl of Dorset’. … During the summer months Town Beach is popular amongst families thanks to the sheltered stretch of sand which is ideal for making sandcastles.

Is Lyme Regis a nice place to live?

LYME Regis has been included in The Sunday Times’ Best Places To Live, being placed in fifth place in the South West. … This what the The Sunday Times had to say about Lyme Regis: “With pretty Georgian streets and its ancient harbour, this is as atmospheric a coastal town as you can hope to find.

Are Lyme Regis beaches dog friendly?

Lyme Regis

Dogs are allowed on East Cliff Beach, Church Cliff Beach and Monmouth Beach all year round. Dogs are only allowed on Town Beach from October to April, inclusive.

Is Lyme Regis worth visiting?

Is Lyme Regis worth visiting? Yes! Lyme Regis is a really lovely place to visit in Dorset. The town centre has some lovely shops and museums and the coastline, beaches and harbour in Lyme Regis are lovely to visit all year round.

Can you have a BBQ on Lyme Regis beach?

Barbecues are permitted on the beach and we would encourage people to use one of the quieter beaches, rather than Front Beach, where it is safer and less crowded.

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What is on Lyme Regis beach?

The beaches in Lyme Regis are a mixture of sand and pebbles. Monmouth beach is very pebbly and shelves. The Town beach has a sloping pebbly section and a flat, sandy beach by the Cobb. Church Cliff has rock armour and East Cliff is pebbly and known for fossils.

Has Lyme Regis got a train station?

The nearest station to the Lyme Regis Marine Aquarium is Axminster, which is served by South Western Railway services throughout the day.

What sea is Lyme Regis on?

Lyme Regis is a coastal town in West Dorset, 25 miles (40 km) west of Dorchester and 25 miles (40 km) east of Exeter. It lies in Lyme Bay, on the English Channel coast at the Dorset–Devon border.

Can you swim in Penarth beach?

Due to the proximity of various river estuaries, there are strong currents and the water is often a murky brown, meaning that swimming is not advised. The beach is however popular for walking and there is a chance of finding fossils along the way.

Can you swim at Charmouth Beach?

Charmouth beach is great for the family – lots of sand especially at low tide, safe swimming, picnic areas, cafes and beach shops. Beach huts are available to hire (including the ones featured in Broadchurch) and many families come to collect the famous Charmouth Fossils.

Is Monmouth by the sea?

Welcome to our epic shores. This is Wales’ Year of the Sea. Monmouthshire has been shaped by water, both geographically and historically. … The South has the ecologically teeming Gwent Levels along the Wales Coast Path and Severn Estuary.

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