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Autism Therapy

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Fin2swim Autism Therapy


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Autism Therapy Fin2swim with Max

Autism Therapy from Fin2swim!

Autistic twin success
My twin boy's have been going to fin2swim since they were 17month old. They were diagnosed with autism a year and half ago although mild. The team of fin2swim has been amazing they taught the boys key survival skill in swimming, all the while socializing them and working with their special needs. The boys are great swimmers and have advanced developmentally and cognitively. They have a great team I am very happy with the skills they have developed. Thanks so much guys.
Fin-2-Swim Rules!
My daughter started with Keri Tom when she was just about 18 months old. When I first discovered the swim-float-swim method, I had no idea infants could swim or that it was actually a natural instinct that just had to be brought out with the proper training. And Keri knows her stuff! In as little as 6 weeks, she was able to rescue herself and pull herself out of the pool. I was amazed! Fast forward one year later, my now 2 1/2 year old took a few refresher summer classes last June and "remembered" how to swim-float-swim and was also learning new tricks (diving for rings, diving in the pool, swimming on her back and using a kick board). One warm November day in San Diego we decided to take advantage of the weather and head to the pool. Her big brother jumped right in, but my daughter looked at me and said she didn't know how to swim. I said, "Yes you do sweetie." Well, big brother decided then to pull her in. She immediately, rolled to her back, floated to the surface and kicked to the stairs. I think it shocked her more that she could swim than the other parents looking on by the side of the pool. I also notice that while my son swims okay, he is no where near as strong and confident as my daughter. I worry about him more in the pool than her. Keri is so good and extremely patient with kids. Safety is number one and I always felt comfortable and at ease with her training methods. I can not thank her enough for the wonderful gift of survival she has given my daughter!

Dear Keri,   Thank you again


Thank you SO much for a another great year


Dear Keri, Thank you SO much for another great year! Even when I think he cannot surprise me more, he goes and learns to dive! Crazy! You girls are so amazing! You have given me and Reese something really special... him a confidence in the water that is truly inspiring, and me a confidence in him that is just awesome! (for lack of a better word) I am so proud of him and I thank you for that!

You are both such wonderful people and you make coming to swim a joy. Thank you for your time and for your spirit as well. We will miss you! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Love, Kirsten and Reese xox