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San Diego Pricing and Details

San Diego

San Diego, Poway  & Lakeside Students: All first time students must take one-on-one private lessons, which are conducted 4 days per week, Monday - Thursday.  

For children ages 6 -14 months, lessons are approximately 10 minutes per day for 4-5 weeks. The cost for this is $125 per week.  

For children 14 months – 6 years, lessons are approximately 10 minutes per day for 6 weeks. The cost for this is $125 per week.  

There is an initial registration fee of $75 for the first child, $50 for the second child and $25 for the third sibling.  Once you register, this will secure your time slot.

Age of child:

Survival Series


6-14 months

4-5 weeks

4x/week, M-Th

14 mos-6 yrs

6-7 weeks

4x/week, M-Th


Registration Fees

Lesson Fees

Child 1



Child 2 $50 $125/week
Child 3 $25 $75/week

Child 4

No Charge


Fin 2 Swim Group ClassesOnce children finish the initial survival series, they transition to a 30-minute small group setting to further enhance their swimming skills, which allows them to practice what they’ve learned. A small group setting encourages those who are still a touch reluctant to enjoy the water as much as the others in their class. There is an average of 3 - 4 students to a class, with no more than 5 per class.


Sea Monkeys: Parent-participation class, ages 7 months – 2-1/2 years, fun and practice
Stingrays: 4-5 children plus Instructor, ages 2-1/2 – 4 years, fun and practice
Piranha Team: 4-5 children plus Instructor, ages 4-6 years, fun and beginning stroke drills

Age of Child

Sea Monkeys


Piranha Team


7 mos - 2.5 yrs


---- -----


2.5 yrs - 4 yrs ---- 1x/week
4 yrs - 6 yrs ---- ---- 1x/week

We accept registrations at any time during the spring or summer.  In order to secure your place, the sooner you register, the better!  

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Fin 2 Swim graduateRegistration must be received before lessons can begin. Lessons are held at a private residence in Clairemont in the AM and at a private residence in Poway, Lakeside & Rancho Penasquitos in the afternoons. Please specify the location and the half-hour time frame you would prefer along with your request and we will try to schedule you as close to your preferences as possible.

Don't see your area?  Interested in having an instructor come to you?  Host a pool - there are many benefits in doing so. Contact us