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Instructor Marie

Marie Johnson is a warm and friendly mother that has forever loved to work with children. Marie  has been teaching children swimming since 1989 and now brings her experience and superior techniques to the table with Fin2swim. It’s awesome how Marie is skilled in so many ways, the children love her to no ends. Marie’s diverse background includes Education, Computer Science, Finance, Economics and of course one of her many favorites, baking. So you see why we love her. Most would say a chef never shares their secrets, but Marie shares everything and even her love of cooking with everybody. We were very fortunate to get one of her recipes for... oops, we can't tell you. But trust us, it's delicious! Mmmm, thanks, Marie :-)

With Marie’s nurturing personality, she takes the gentle approach to teaching babies and adults ages 6 months and up to swim and float. She teaches all skill sets of swimming, and brings her expertise all the way to adult levels.

Marie is an activist, pledging herself in a mission to be the voice for drowning prevention in the African American community. She teaches all children and adults the core values of safety, learning and success within her community, and Fin2swim worldwide.